Ministry to Help Teen Moms????

  1. For some reason the Lord has put this on my heart and I was hoping that someone here would have some experience or resources they would be willing to direct me to. I am not a Parish nurse, but I am a school nurse with experience in OB nursing. I was wondering if anyone in Parish nursing has a ministry that helps teen mothers? Besides providing them with local resources, has anyone been able to effectively minister to young women in need? The church I attend does not have a parish nurse, but has several members of the congregation that are nurses. It seems that every year we have a couple of unwed mothers come to our church- I would love to find a way to minister them so they would continue to attend. If anyone has any suggestions or programs you can recommend, I would love to hear from you.
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  3. by   traumaRUs
    Julie - where are you at in IL? I live near Peoria. There are several ministries that need volunteers. What do you have to add?
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  4. by   JulieAW
    I have volunteered at our local crisis pregnancy center and our church is very involved in supporting/promoting the center. I was just wondering what innovative ideas other churches have used to encourage teen moms to keep coming to church. Many times, the grandparents will continue to come with the new grandchild while the teen mom stays home.
  5. by   mdcp
    go on to and give them a call ....they have a ton of referral sources and would love to help you out!
  6. by   gibsongirl
    Try the It's a non medical Christian organization with charters for teen moms. If a charter isn't of interest, giving assistance in some other way may be. Do you have teen pregnancies in your district? Championing services for those teens may be a niche.