Parents Perceptions of NICU Nurses

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Overheard in our unit, one Dad telling another,

"See these alarms, they ring in my head all night, But the Nurses need to set them to let them know when it's time to do things for the babies!!"

RIGHT THEN!!! It must be time for your baby to go off!!:chuckle :uhoh3:


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Too funny! I guess sometimes we assume too much about our parents' level of understanding.

Actually though, if we think about it, sometimes those alarms are sort of like little reminders. Just spent the day in the 'Brady Bunch' pod with my two vent kids and another nurse's CPAP kids who probably should be on vents. Every time the alarm goes off, it's really telling us that it's 'time to do something' for the baby. I just wish we had alarms (or kiddos) that could tell us which one of the many things it was time to do. It's like, OK kid, do I need to suction you? Flip you on your tummy? Check your tube placement? Alarms like that would be nice. :)



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