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pap smear normal

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I called my doctor monday who told me my pap smear was normal. Ive been out of town and came back today to find three messages on my machine from the nurse a few days later. Ive had abnormal pap smears in the past is why im so concerned. If my doctor already told me it was normal could it be the nurse is just trying to call and tell me the same thing without knowing ive already talked to doctor because i did call few days prior to talking to doctor as well


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Only way to know is to call on Monday and find out, but it's definitely possible.

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These are questions that need to be addressed by the provider/provider's office. No one on this site has access to your medical records to answer your questions, which is borderline asking for medical advice. Per the TOS you agreed to when you signed up,

14. You agree NOT to seek medical or legal advice.

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As mentioned the only answer is to talk to either the nurse or your doctor on Monday.

Closing this thread as we can't offer any other advice that that

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