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Can anyone give me any information on hospitals in Panama City, Fl. area. My husband is thinking of relocating and we are not familiar with that area. I currently work agency and If anyone is working for a nursing agency in that area I would appreciate any information or phone numbers .



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You might want to go there on an assignment with a travel nurse company and check it out. This way you are under no obligation to stay & havent yet made the committment to relocate - just in case it isnt what you thought it would be.

The company will pay your travel, give you housing or a monthly stipend towards your rent/mtge if you already have housing there, and your committment can be as little as 8 - 13 weeks (sometimes less). Short enough that if you dont like the facility, you can at least bear it till its over, when you can switch to another, and long enough to get the feel of the city, investigate the area & find where you want to settle before taking a permanent job.

You could use the assignment as a long working vacation - kind of a trial relocation before you actualy move there - see how you like living there. Or relocate but sign on with the travel company before you move, get an assignment in that city, let the company pay your way down there & your rent & utilities. Travel companies usually pay less per hour in salary than agencies because they offer health & pension benefits & take into account for the housing allowance & travel costs.

There are a lot of different travel agencies around - some better than others - so shop around & compare. All their ads in the backs of nursing journals look great but some are not all theyre cracked up to be. If you decide to go this route, visit a travel nurses forum online first to get the scoop on the different agencies before choosing one.

Good luck


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How about OR jobs in Panama City?


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