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Fentanyl patch and relief of osteo pain Has anyone had any experience with the use of the Durogesic/ Fentanyl patches for people who suffer from chronic osteoporosis pain? I would appreciate... Read More

  1. by   pumpkinsooner
    Quote from enox
    what would happen if someone would eat the contence offf 10 50mg durogesic patches? would that be leathal couse we had a patient who "tricked" us into beliving he was using them but he was only saving them for a suicide we found out later. But question is would he have made it if he would have swallowed it? Luckely a leaninglady found them in time.
    The gel in Duragesic is isopropyl alcohol, and there's only 0.3ml of it in each patch. Fentanyl doesn't absorb well in the GI tract anyway. I would think putting that rubbing alcohol on one's tongue would be extremely unpleasant.

    And it's 'Duragesic', not 'Durogesic', and the patches are in micrograms (mcg), not milligrams (mg). I too wonder why the question was asked in this manner.
  2. by   BabyRN2Be
    The only problems I've come across is for those patients allergic to tape/adhesive. You can get some pretty nasty reactions from the delivery system if one is sensitive to tape products.
  3. by   martysgurl
    Duragesic patches Rock !! We use them alot on our geriatric patients. We use them OA , long term pain control , palliative etc. There great for the patients that don't take meds well. I've found that they are generally lethargic for the first week until there system gets used to it. I wish all meds were given through a patch
  4. by   diddlina
    my husband has just recently been commenced on durogesic patches for chronic back pain. out GP has been vague regarding the long-term side effects of the patches. we are worried as you can only stay on them short-term as to what is next on the list of pain relief. he is only forty and we would like to know what the effects will be on his body in later life is he stays on them long-term.

    has anyone come up against this.
  5. by   Patient
    I am a chronic non-malignant pain patient (severe abdominal adhesions and numerous bowel obstructions) and have been using the fentanyl patch for a little over a year. It has been a Godsend for me and is the only reason I'm even walking around any more.

    Regarding disposal: I get very paranoid that my dogs or nieces/nephews might accidentally get hold of one, so I cut the patch, wash it out, put the remnants in its original foil wrap, and into the trash it goes. I found out the hard way that old patches have a tendency to clog the toilet pipes. :-)

    Regarding sticking issues: The bioclusive covers just chew up my skin, so I use tegaderm elbow/knee bandages as covers and write the date and time on the padded area. It is extremely rare for one to come off since I began that method.

    By the way, the patch also comes in a 12.5 mcg dose. Not always easy to find, but it is manufactured. I can't remember if mylan and sandoz also have the generic equivalent in that dosage, but that might work better for your more opiate naive geriatric patients to start with instead of the 25 mcg patch.