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Hi, my name is Jackie Adames I work for a new pain management practice but we are lacking policies and procedures? I was wondering if someone as a professional courtesy would be willing to share... Read More

  1. by   AZ Nurse
    Pain Assessment and Pharmacologic Management is the name of Chris & Margo's book. As I said before, they cover everything.
  2. by   roblifestream
    Hi all,

    I am now working for a pain management practice and was tasked to create a policies and procedures manual. In my search I came across this thread and thought someone may still be monitoring it. As Dan needed, I also need Policies and Procedures for the clinical staff and the admin staff plus an employee manual.

    Any help or direction would be greatly appreciated!

    Thanks so much!
  3. by   Beth Vanderwalker
    Dan, I am hunting for copies of policies for the actual interventional pain procedures. Can you or anyone help me?
  4. by   Beth Vanderwalker
    Rob, Were you ever able to find these policies? Beth
  5. by   Beth Vanderwalker

    I am hoping you still these pain policies. Can you please send it to me as well.
  6. by   Robinsteele
    I am new to pain management and I am having to create a policy and procedure manual, as well as a protocol manual. would anyone be willing to share your information with me if you have walked down this road?

    Any and all information would be appreciated.

    My email is


    Robin Steele
  7. by   overtonis
    why so many pain centers opening up? When I was in florida for travel nursing..these places were popping up all over the place then recently I read there is problem with MD giving these meds out to basically anyone. Now I understand that is not whats going on elsewhere...just curious why so many nurses are being asked to set P&P for all of these start ups.
  8. by   msweet
    Hi Everyone,
    I see that we are all in the same boat. I work at a Rural Health Center and we are just getting our pain contract in effect. I also have to write a P&P from scratch on this topic. Any help or samples of some Policy and Procudres would be great and much appreciated. I have done a few P & P's but this one is a bit more challenging.
    Thank you so much!
  9. by   NRSKarenRN
    don't reinvent the wheel--get advice from the experts by purchasing for ~$60.00

    pain : clinical manual

    by margo mccaffery ms rn-bc faan and chris pasero ms rn-bc faan

    pain: clinical manual provides practical tools and guidelines for treating patients' pain in all clinical settings and age groups. this useful resource features ready-to-use, reproducible pain rating scales, guidelines, forms, and patient medication information handouts. comprehensive pharmacologic chapters discuss the three groups of analgesics, dose titration, drug combinations, routes of administration, and prevention of side effects. additionally, it includes pain rating scales in over 20 languages and quick guides with illustrations of selected pain problems. pain: clinical manual is a valuable resource for anyone who cares for patients with pain.

    * provides ready-to-use forms and recommendations for pain care committees to assist health care facilities to prepare for jcaho inspections. * includes two free pocket-size, laminated cards: equianalgesic charts to assist clinicians with dose calculations when changing routes of administration or analgesics, and dosing guides to commonly used adjuvants and nonopioids. * includes free access to mosby's pain website. * the most clinically useful book ever published on pain, written by authorities who helped establish the pain management movement. * includes 11 new chapters and five expanded and updated chapters to provide the most accurate, up-to-date, and comprehensive pain management information. * includes icons to alert the reader to important, need-to-know information, such as pediatric content, patient examples, and reproducible material. * features over 200 boxes and tables to help quickly locate key information and apply complex concepts at the bedside. * presents a unique, multidisciplinary perspective. * provides ready-to-use, practical, proven, and reproducible tools, pain assessment and documentation forms, and guides to analgesic use. * contains patient information handouts on analgesics and nondrug methods of pain relief to educate the patient/family/caregiver about the patient's specific pain management. * includes reproducible key policies, procedures, and protocols to assist the clinician in implementing patient focused interdisciplinary pain management. * presents pharmacology content in four chapters - the three analgesic groups and an overview of how to combine them - to provide a readily understandable reference and practical resource. * includes quick guides with illustrations of selected pain problems, such as pain related to sickle cell disease, peripheral neuropathy, and fibromyalgia. * contains pain rating scales in over 20 languages to enhance patient/clinician communication in culturally diverse populations.

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  10. by   bettyanp
    In process of putting together policy & procedure manual as well and pulling my hair out? Can anyone help???!!!

    Quote from Adames RN
    Hi, my name is Jackie Adames I work for a new pain management practice but we are lacking policies and procedures? I was wondering if someone as a professional courtesy would be willing to share these with me from your office? I'd be forever grateful.

    My email is in profile.

    Or would you know where I could purchase some?

    the procedures we will be doing are Lumbar, caudal ESI's, rhizotomies, facet blocks, ablations, periperal nerve blocks, etc.....

    This is all so new to me since I've been a Gastroenterology nurse since 2000 right out of nursing school.

    If you e-mail me and would like to speak to me personally I'll give you my contact no.

    thanks again!!!