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Ok I've researched the web and asked some of the other disciplines in our facility but many of the answers are vague. We have doctors here that are reluctant to give IV Toradol. Some say it "burns... Read More

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  2. by   ERHack
    our ED uses toradol IV all the time provided there are no contraindications (bleeds, allergies, etc). Its even part of our protocol orders (standing set of orders for certain complaint pathways, such as poss UTI, Kidney stone) The protocol dose for Toradol at our hospital used to be 30mg IV, however it recently changed to 15mg IV based on research that suggested the therapeutic effect could be reached at this lower dosage and that a higher dosage such as 30 IV rarely increased effectiveness (this per our ED med director, unfortunately dont know what sources he cited) As far as reactions, I have never encountered a pt who c/o burning or irritation at the IV insertion site due to the med (such as is common with phenergan). IM injection of Toradol however is a different story. I have had pts c/o burning with IM injections (usually 60mg).
  3. by   KK92RN
    We use toradol in our standing orders for post op hips, knees ect. I have never had any problems with it. With it being an NSAID then you would watch for contraindications automatically. It was wonderful when I had it for whiplash after a car accident.
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    We have about the same OB orders as everyone else for PO C/S. How much are ya'll giving? I think ACOG just came out with a recommendation for 60 mg Q 6 hours. but we only give 30 mg.

    Edited to add Toradol and phenergan will crystalize LOL lessons learned the hard way stick with ya.
    it is recommended to not mix anything with toradol. (I'm not talking about NS) we give it alot in our ER. It is one of the first injectable pain meds we give unless they say they are allergic to it.
  5. by   gypsynurse7
    i love toradol both as a nurse and a patient.

    i have received it with my last two c-sections (it was not around for my first.) in conjunction with my demerol epidural with my last c-section, i had almost no pain for the first 48 hours.

    as a nurse, i find it is incredible for patients with pain-control issues. we routinely give it ivp and i always dilute it, wether they have a running iv or not, as i know from personal experience that it burns like heck.

    i work on a med-surg floor (urology, plastics, and e.n.t.) and most of our docs/residents give it without question.