Asking for referral to pain clinic: nervous.

  1. To make a long story short: I fell down a hill six months ago, hurt my lower back, left shoulder and neck. I have healed o.k. except for constant neck pain and left shoulder pain. After six months of Aleve, hot packs and 8 PT sessions, I am still not well. My medical practice makes great use of Phys. Assis. so I am finally scheduled to see an MD tomorrow. (I had to prove that I needed to see an MD, I was asked how many times I had seen the Phys. Assist. (3times) for this problem.) Upon the last visit to the PA I told her of the pain I still have including numbness and pins and needles down the left arm and was told that Aleve should be enough. I am not a wimp (did not request epidurals until 8cms, and 6cms with my kids) but I am not a hero either. I would like to ask the MD (who I have never met before) for a referal to a pain clinic. Would a doctor become offended? Am I being too wimpy? I think I am like some nurses I know--like a pit bull to get what her pt. needed but too shy to take care of herself--sounds like another thread. How can I ask this doctor for what I need? Also what if anything could a pain clinic do to help me? Would I even be a candidate? Thanks.
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  3. by   Marie_LPN, RN
    Simply ask the doc "What do you think about pain clinics for my problem?" and go from there. If he gets offended because you are exploring all options where your health is concerned, that's his personal problem that he'll have to get over.
  4. by   EricJRN
    Yep - a doctor once said something that I like a lot: "It's the doctor's job to please the patient, not the patient's job to please the doctor." If your pain isn't being relieved with the current treatment plan, it makes sense to discuss alternatives, including specialist referrals.

    I notice that it's been a couple of weeks since your post. I hope that you're doing better by now!
  5. by   I love my cat!
    I know this thread is a couple months old, but I was wondering if your MD ever gave you a referral to the PM MD/Clinic?
    Many MDs are happy to refer you onto another MD for pain management. The DEA has really cracked down on MDs who prescribe Opioids. As a result, there are many, many MDs who do not want to prescribe strong pain medication (even though they know the patient needs it) because they don't want their name red-flagged.
    Very sad situation.
  6. by   wolf333
    was told by my old md after years of test for all kinds of things,i have lupus and have had it for at least 17 years,well he retire and a new md took over and wants to start all over again,and when asked about being refereed to a r/a and a pain clinic since he doesn't want to give me strong enough meds to help with the pain,and only gives me a shoot of todal once a month it helps with the swelling,but doesn't last long,all i want is to try to go back to work even if it's got to be at night,sun make me go in to a flare,as well as stress,been told by other md need to see one that's will listen to me and not be afraid of sending me to others for help,made a appt. this Thursday to see a new md,he as good reviews on the web,but still nerves