PCA's in PACU - page 2

Is there any hospitals out there where PACU starts the PCA pump for the patient instead of waiting till the patient gets to the floor?... Read More

  1. by   amnesia
    we start them in our PACU
  2. by   healingtouchRN
    yeah, I start them in PACU & am in the position to help other depts if they have to start one on the floor for pain management. We always have the PCIA pumps available & I can co-sign with the floor RN & do the double check. It's a good thing plus it's helps out the floor RN's. Goodness knows they have so much going on. Oh yeah, I work 3rd shift, so everyone knows each other on 3rd shift. Teamwork!
  3. by   mustanggirl
    We start then in PACU, at first we thought it would be more of a pain thatn it has been. We give anesthesia ordered pain meds until the patients get comfortable or as long as we can safely give them and put the patient on the PCA as we send them to the floor. It is expecially nice when we are holding patients for the floor that we can give the patient a little more control over their pain management.
  4. by   debthern
    we always start the pca's as well as hang the floor iv fluids with the pump tubing, it's not required but we do it because we know how busy the floor nurses are.
  5. by   ativanni
    we always start them in PACU too. I have an issue with RN's always having to transport these patients. If they are double checked before they leave PACU. don't see the sense in it.
  6. by   evonne85
    The PACU where I did my preceptorship always started the PCA's before the patient left the unit.
  7. by   anne74
    We always start the PCA, epidurals, cont. nerve blocks, etc in the PACU. When the pt first arrives, we push Fentanyl or Diluadid until we get their pain "tolerable". Then we start their PCAs. They immediately start using them.

    We do many of the floor/ICU orders for the floor/ICU nurses - hang their maintenance fluids, set up their pumps, drips, etc; hang antibiotics if they're due, etc. The patients don't leave until they're awake, pain is tolerable and vitals are totally stable. Usually, the pts don't leave when they should anyway, since they wait several hours for a room to be ready. Or, if they're really lucky, they get to spend the night in our PACU!
  8. by   Zoe's Mom
    We also initiate the PCA in PACU. We use post-op orders from anesthesia for immediate pain, nausea PRN and reserve docs orders for the floor. The patient gets PCA teaching pre-op and we re-enforce in PACU. Even though the patient is usually receiving some type of narcotic they still respond well to the teaching since they got it pre-op. We do not administer antibiotics unless specified to start first dose in PACU. We do not change out IV fluids. If necessary, we will hang more LR or NS to maintain the line.
  9. by   lpnstudentin2010
    I am not sure if it is started in the PACU where I am a patient, I do not believe they do, it never has been, and everytime I was hospitalized I had one.
  10. by   kezza444
    We always start our PCAs in PACU. They are often used to give the patient bolus doses before going to the ward.
  11. by   I love my cat!
    We always start our PCA's (in PACU). It is set up and then the settings are double checked by another PACU RN. Once the patient is DC'd to the floor, the floor RN will also check the settings and then we can sign off the patient.
  12. by   Siss
    We start the PCA in our PACU. It seems to help relieve pain sooner that way.
  13. by   at2726
    We start all of our PCA's in PACU. Although today I have an order to start the PCA if the patient can't tolerate PO fluids or no pain control with Lortab. So if this patient needs the PCA they won't get it until they get on the floor.