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Packet III:Change of civil status PLS ADVICE


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Hi.I am a Phil Nurse and a packet III holder for the immigrant application. At the time of my application(2005), my civil status is still single.I got married year 2006. At present I did not change yet any of my documents into my married name such as my passport and license. Would this be questioned on my US consular interview?Am i going to change all of these before my scheduled interview(though i don't have any schedule yet? Please advice...THANKS:o

did you submitted the DS230 form? there will be no problem they will just ask you your marriage certificate.


Specializes in NICU and Med-surg.

Yes I submitted already my DS230...oh i see thanks..so i dont need to change my passport,nbi etc...

well you can stil use your maiden name, and if you want to amend it you can go to the dfa

Was your spouse included in your DS-230 when it was filed?

Names do not need to be changed when you were married in the first place, so not an issue at all if nothing was changed.

You can still use your maiden name for all documents. Your marriage license will be proof that the man is your husband. Make sure he is in your DS 230 though and that you also filled-up a DS 230 for him and submitted his birth cert, [police/nbi clearance, copy of passport, and that his visa fee bill was paid. I also started to apply in 2005 as single and got married but maintained my maiden name because I did not want to go through changing my name in all my documents at this time. As far as my file is concerned, the NVC acknowledged my husband as part of my application even though we do not have the same family name.

I got married too and I have changed my name in my license, passport, but my NBI clearance is still on my maiden name. DO you think I have to changed it too? thanks very much! Im bothered by this.

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