Pacific Union College - 2021

Nurses LPN/LVN


Specializes in Psychiatric Nursing.


Anyone applying to PUC’s - LVN/RN this coming  2021?  It’s my first time applying, is there some sort of point system?


Hello there, 

There isn't a point system that qualifies you to apply. You can send in an application at any time. They decide on GPA and a few other things. I would reach out to their nursing department they're pretty good with giving feedback and answering your questions. The application on their website is filled with information as well.

Hi @YappaYee,

Did you end up applying this year? I wanted to touch base with you and see if you've heard back from PUC as there isn't much chatter on here this year. Good luck!

Hi @Tinamina,

I applied for the Fall of 2021. I spoke with Lorie last week, who informed me that they should be sending out emails this week or next week. This was my first time applying too! 

@cramirez hey! I also applied… I was told we would find out by the end of June… have they moved this to the beginning of July now?! What is your GPA and TEAS score… do you know anyone else that has applied for this round or previously been in this program?! ?

Nursing admission GPA is 3.29; I just took physiology and received an A, so that will raise it to 3.60. I am unsure if they will count it since I still need to send them my updated transcripts. 

For TEAS, I got 73.3, but I do plan on retaking it if I don't get accepted. 

I don't know anyone else that applied or even been in the program! Do you?

No, I don’t know anyone personally that has gone through this program but I have read and heard many nice things! Did Lorie say if they will send emails in July? I applied before April 15 deadline so it’s been awhile since I heard anything. The last I heard was end of June when I asked in April. 

She said end of June/beginning of July. I haven't heard anything yet! I hope we hear back soon! I like how they have an RN-BSN program too! Have you been applying to other schools as well?

This is the first year I have applied and I only applied to this school so far because I really like how it is structured for working nurses… where are u from? I am from Sac… I have been checking email everyday multiple times! Can’t wait to hear back! Do You have all your 7 pre reqs done?! I also recently finished all my pre reqs which is also why I havnt applied anywhere else yet. 

Oh, that's nice! I am from San Francisco! Yes, I am constantly checking my email too...! 

I applied for CCSF RN program but I haven't heard anything back although some people have been accepted. I just assumed at this point that I didn't get accepted! 

I recently attended LVN-RN info session at Carrington. I just sent them transcripts and they received them. I am trying to contact Don, who is in charge of the LVN-RN program but no luck...

Nice! Good luck and let’s all keep each other posted if and when we hear from PUC. It’s the last day of June and I havnt got any email(s) yet! Hope by the end of the week! 


@Nursing LVN to RN

Thanks for the update. It's so good to hear from others who've applied. I haven't heard much more than you. I was told mid to end of June, but that was also back in April when I applied. One of my coworkers also applied and has yet to hear.

I too have looked into Carrington and am thinking of that as a back up. I would rather get into PUC that way I wouldn't have to quit and can just work on PUC's 2 step program.

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