Pace Accelerated vs. NYU Accelerated vs. Stony Basic 2 Year



I recently got into Pace's accelerated 12 month program, NYU's 15 month program, and Stony Brook's 2 year program. I am conflicted on which to choose cause each has its pros and cons. I also have to consider the amount of money I may need to borrow, but also for the fact that my significant other lives in the city. Pace is in the shortest program and costs approximately 55K. The bad thing is that Pace isn't known as a science school , but for liberal arts. Much don't know that Pace has a nursing program and prior student mentioned how the program isn't good. Plus, I can't find much information online regarding feedback from prior students. NYU is good for the name and is still a good school, but it will cost almost 85K. It will just be easier to get a job from the city after graduating since it is NYU. Stony Brook is the cheapest for 30K with living on campus, but it is the longest because of the winter and summer breaks in between. However, it is known for their health related majors. But, I am not sure if Stony is that well known in the city that can land me a job. I am hoping someone here can give me more feedback on these three programs and which one would be more practical to go to considering my situation. All your opinions and feedback would be really helpful. Thank you!


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Hi.. Congrats on getting into all 3!

I just recently made the decision to choose Pace over NYU. 1 - the 30k in cost difference is huge. 2 - Pace is a shorter program. 3 - A close friend of mine graduated from Pace's ABSN program a few years ago and while it was extremely rigorous, she loved it and had great clinicals and landed a job at a top NYC hospital based on her network through the clinical placement at Pace. As far as name, name does not matter when it comes to nursing. It is not a field like law & business where, the colllege in which you recieved your MBA or law degree plays a roll in job placement. Receiving a BSN and passing the NCLEX is all that matters. Clinical placements are important to look into as this is where a lot of nursing students make connections which help them in job placements down the line.

All 3 schools' nursing programs are extremely well-known through-out the city - I don't think name should play any role in your decision. I didn't apply to Stonybrook as the location doesnt work for me - but it is supposed to be excellent and as a public school the tuition is a lot less. IMO - look at location, tuition, clinical placements, and NCLEX passing rates as factors. All 3 schools are excellent.


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Thank you for your opinion!:) I will consider those factors. May I ask, when your friend was at Pace's program, was she on the NYC Campus or the Peasantville campus because that would affect the locations for the clinicals. I just wished there was more information about Pace online because all I found was that one forum in which people thought Pace's program wasn't great.


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Hi.. np ;) my friend did the Pace's ABSN program in Manhattan. At the group interview we asked the faculty where they do their clinicals, and they basically listed every major hospital in the city.


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Well if you factor in how much faster youll start working I think the cost between Pace and Stony Brook will be relatively similar

Where your BSN is from means nothing 99% of the time.

Id choose based off of convenience of the school and if youre up for an accelerated workload

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Pace in Westchester has an amazing reputation. I was going to apply there but I need to work and it would have been too much for me to handle, accelerated BSN and working full time.


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What's the difference between paces one yr and 2yr program ?


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I don't know anything about nyu or stoneybrooks acceleratd program but my friend went to pace's accelerated program and had a horrible expeirence. She said she felt like there was no support from the faculty and lots of disscommunication. I would go to nyu if it was my choice.


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Hi I know my questions are years late but I'm also conflicted between Pace and NYU and not sure which to choose. I've heard mostly good reviews about NYU outside of the class size and the tuition but haven't heard too much good about Pace. Since you were in the program, can u tell me a little about it? How were the classes, clinicals, professors? Do they really kick u out of the program if u fail one class etc. which would u recommend if you know anything about NYU' s program? Thanks!