PA vs some type of nursing?? help...

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Hello - I am currently considering a career change and am debating between doing some kind of nursing or even possibly a PA. I have read other posts about the differences, but I know exactly which direction I want to go. I want to focus on Holistic Nutrition and my goal would be to work in a med spa (plastic surgeon) or something on the aesthetic end. I have absolutely no medical background (sales) except I am also an esthetician so I currently work in a laser center part-time. My boss there is getting his PA and is encouraging me to do the same, but I'm not sure if that's right thing for me if I want to focus on Holistic Nutrition. I don't want just a certificate in H.N. because I definitely would not be as employable. Nor do I want to be a registered dietitian (I have issues with the FDA). I also considered an N.D., but I'm not willing to move somewhere for 4 years.

I also don't know what each type of nursing entails as far as schooling, pay, opportunities, etc...

Sorry so detailed, I just want to make the right decision. Thanks for your time and advice! :idea:

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