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Hi all, and especially PA nurses: In PA, Senate Bill 989 which prohibits mandatory OT except in emergency situations, is being considered in committee. I know I don't have to tell any one what an impact this practice has had on professional nursing, and now is our chance to let our legislators know our position and why we oppose mandatory OT. Please write to the members of the Labor and Industry committee urging them to pass this bill asap. We have strong bipartisan support for this, as evidenced by the many senators who signed on as co-sponsors.

Now it is up to us to let our representatives know how we feel.

Here's the web page for more information:

The list of committee members is on this page, as well as the list of co-sponsors. If your senator was a co-sponsor of this bill, as mine was (thank you Senator Jane Clare Orie!) take some time to send a thank you for supporting nursing.



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Feeling depressed and discouraged over recent catastrohic events. Is there any chance that any nursing legislation will be addressed this year? Can't help but feel that nursing issues are going to be put on the back burner.

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Nursing will only be placed on the back burner if we let it be. Given the state of the world today we need even more nurses.

The current practise of using MOT to staff a hospital needs to at least be curtailed severly if not eliminated. We must improve the direct patient care work environment if we are to attract the RNs we need to avert the future shortage.

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Exactly, and also perhaps to re-energize some experienced nurses who have left the profession because conditions just got too bad. While the bill on MOT that I talked about is a PA bill, many other states are looking at similar legislation, and I do think it is up to us to step up and make certain that nursing issues don't get lost.


I have to write a letter to the senate for a class I'm in to let them know how I feel about a certain bill. I will graduate in May and have accepted a job in the NICU at Children's Hospital of Pittsburgh. I know this bill will effect me but any ideas on who I should address the letter to? Or any helpful ideas on what to say, are welcomed too! :)

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that bill died in committee at end of 2001 legislative session.

current 2006 pa health care bills can be viewed at: pa healthcare bills

including who to write.

check out political activity link at top of pa nurses website: to find legislative info.

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