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Oz Grad Looking to Move Overseas


Hey guys,

I was just wondering if anyone knows of any Australian nurses who have gone to work overseas straight after graduation? I will be finishing at UQ in June 2011, and unfortunately I did not get offered a grad position in NSW, and I need to get the hell of out QLD. The UK is out of the question as they require 12mths experience for registration, so perhaps NZ or the US? Not sure of their registration requirements. Also, just to clarify, are grad programs compulsory or would it be possible for me to simply get a nursing job in Australia after graduation?

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Silverdragon102, BSN

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For the US employers will probably require experience but a lot will depend on visa you plan on applying for. E3 probably requires you to have some experience and green card is currently affected by retrogression and has a several year wait for one.

NZ should not be as hard. As far as I know, all you really need is to call up hospitals and apply; and a plane ticket (no visa headache as such) . I know a few NZers who fly to Aust and do seasonal RN jobs. So naturally I would think it's applicable the other way around, hence the reciprocal agreement between the 2 countries.

As for US, that's a different story. I worked with someone who passed NCLEX 10 years ago and had a US sponsor lined up and did not get a work visa until recently. She evetually turned it down as she is now with family and is far more settled in Aust. Silverdragon is right. Unless you're a GC holder, then NCLEX is where you start.

But really, it would be at your advantage and best interest if you take your new grad program and make sure you have a placement. You will be far more marketable wherever you want to work.