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Overworked student lonely on Thanksgiving

Hey guys.

So I've been working my butt off at work, and when I'm not doing that, I'm ALWAYS studying, or trying to keep my house clean, or, on the rare occasion, trying to spend a minute with my husband. I know this is me being whiney, but I'm sitting here alone on Thanksgiving, and feeling pretty depressed about it. Hubbie is working a 12 hour day today, which is typical (he usually only gets one of the three holidays off--Turkey Day, Christmas, or New Years). But that leaves me bummed out and alone for the 2nd or 3rd Thanksgiving in a row (my family lives across the country). I just looked through my phone, and realized that I really don't know anyone well enough to call and talk to them (much less get an invite for dinner). My job fairly well isolates me from my "co-workers" so it's hard to make connections there. People that I might otherwise develop a close friendship with aren't really more than close acquiantances because I never have time for them. I guess what I'm saying is I really can't wait for the day when I'm a nurse (and, strange as this sounds, can work on Thanksgiving if I want to), and can find a little more balance in my life. Anyone else feel like this?

Thanks for listening er....reading.

Yeah. I always felt like this when I lived alone. I would go out to a restaurant and sit there in my little corner eating my meal and watching the other diners and the waitstaff. At least it got me out of the room and I didn't have to cook my meal.


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I definitely empathize...I'm sitting at my computer while my newborn son and wife are 100 miles away. I would be with them but I am sick with some kind of resp. thing and I don't want to get the boy ill. We have no social contacts within 100 miles and so here I sit. I should be studying PE/DD, but the motivations just isn't there. I'm thinking about calling my wife and asking her to put my son on the phone just so I can hear him coo, grunt and maybe fuss a little

I also remember a time during nursing school (ADN program) when I didn't get to go home for the Christmas holiday because of a silly speech class (actually I loved the class and the instructor was incredible, but the way they scheduled it was annoying); I made the mistake of going to eat at an Outback by myself Christmas Eve...yep big mistake; never have I felt like such a loser, and I've eaten out by myself many a time, just not during Christmas Eve. If not for my job at the VA and getting to spend time with our veterans, I honestly don't know if I would have made it.

Yep, I'm way too experienced with this loneliness around the holidays bs

I hope your Friday is a better day.

((HUGS)) It's hard to be alone on a holiday. I'm sorry you are. Enjoy the peace of your surroundings, though---it's pretty quiet out there today and you're not required to study on Thanksgiving Day! Oh, and at least go through the drive thru at Boston Market and get yourself some turkey!


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I'm sorry that you were all alone today. Even if you are used to being alone regularly it's STILL really hard to be alone on the holidays because that's "family time". I have a big family so I've never been alone for them, I think maybe ONCE I decided not to go to see any family for I think Easter and it was so lonely I can't imagine doing that again. I wish that you were closer and knew my family because we would gladly invite you, we're used to having so many people there anyway it really wouldn't be a problem. *hugs*.

I'm so, so sorry to hear you passed a lonely Thanksgiving - feuds with the in-laws left us somewhat ostracized from the local family this year, so I certainly can empathize. :(

Hope you have a better weekend! Next year, drive up to NJ....my husband, kids and I will definitely keep you company. Plus, hubby does all the cooking! :D

Yeah. I moved to Philly about 3 years ago and still ahven't really made a close friend circle yet. I don't really identify with a lot of the people I've been around, and have been too busy to actively look for people I'd like, so I'm holding on with long distance friendships and being friendly with my husband's friends. I'm looking forward to nursing school!

That's my experience, almost exactly. Been in my area about 2 1/2 years, and often find myself piggybacking off of my husband's friendships. I'm hoping I'll make some friends in nursing school!

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