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Overtime in Home Health??

Hello, I was wondering if there is overtime with homecare and what would be the guidelines? I work for a point system and starting to wonder the "incentive" visits is overtime, does anyone know? Thanks.

CapeCodMermaid specializes in Gerontology, Med surg, Home Health.

Our work day is 7.5 hours long so our week is 37.5hrs. In order to get overtime pay we have to work more than 40 which I guess many of the nurses end up doing.

We also have the opportunity to pick up 'bonus' cases. If we've seen our 6 patients and there are more to be seen, the extras count as bonuses and we get paid extra for them....I think it's about $50 for a bonus visit.

How overtime is handled in home health depends on the situation and the policies of the particular agency that you are working for. I work shift work. A common occurrence is not being relieved on time (or at all) by the oncoming nurse. In every case, with every agency that I have worked for, I have had to call the agency and get overtime approved if I was going to stay over my scheduled shift for any length of time. (They also want to know that the oncoming nurse did not show up so they can attempt to get a replacement or find out what happened.)

I have not worked the point system but I imagine that unless prearranged, like with most agencies, overtime is discouraged, simply because the agency can not afford it. Most of the time agencies try to get enough employees to accomplish their case loads rather than pay overtime to one or a few.

You need to ask about the policies when you are first hired so you know what to expect.

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If you're paid per visit you'll never have overtime. I get visit and 1/2 rate for weekends, nights and holidays. Working PRN in HH that's when I try to get my visits in.

If you're working per hour you should be getting OT unless it's prohibited by the agency in which case you wouldn't be working more than 40 hours per week.

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