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Out of pocket expenses


New to school nursing here! Any out of pocket expenses for your office like books, coloring stuff, extra clothing for accident kids? What do you spend money on and what is in your schools budget?

iggywench, ADN, RN

Specializes in Pediatrics, school nursing. Has 10 years experience.

I spend my own money on decorations, office supplies (the school provides basics; I like colored pens), organizing items like plastic storage baskets, crackers for the students, and some misc. supplies like dish soap, scented hand soap, salt, and baking soda. I solicit extra clothes from the teachers, and the school buys socks and underwear for me.

iggywench, ADN, RN

Specializes in Pediatrics, school nursing. Has 10 years experience.

I get $600 per year to spend from the school's budget, and I use that for all of my medical supplies. This year, there was extra money at the end of the year, so I ordered plastic tubs to organize my spare clothing.


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Unfortunately, I do not have administration that supports me as well as they should. My first year working as school nurse with PK-2, I had issues with incontinence. Parents would not answer their phones to come change their children - the list goes on and on about parents. I would beg them to send in a change of clothes and keep in nurses office - but no - never received anything. So what do you do with a child who is wet and parents will not answer phone? Bottom line is that I had to have brand new under wear in stock. I went to my principal and asked if any money to purchase underwear - nothing ever become of it. So, I was purchasing underwear every week. A teacher hear my cry and she belonged to the St. Vincent De Paul Society at her church and approached the society and they give me a $100.00 Walmart Card whenever I need it. Amazing. I don't know what grades you have, but I cover 3-4th grades now and still get accidents. I know that the bottom line is that I need underwear - as you can't keep a child sitting in urine and feces. If anything that may cost out of your pocket is underwear.

Other than that - occasional socks....some parents at good and ask if there is anything that is needed for the kids and I always say socks and sweatpants. I stopped buying cough drops.....warm saline gargles from now on....and when I run out of cold packs I purchase sponges from the dollar store and baggies and use those as cold paks.

Hope this helps....