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We have had a huge influx of just 22 weeks or just 23 weeks...including twins! And guess what,,,they have all had PDA ligations, and are just a mess! We have 8 of these kids...what the heck are we doing besides giving comp care job security? Ugh...just had to vent..

And we have had the before New Year's influx of kids....whoohoo, what a good time LOL

Uggg!!!!! I feel your pain!!!!

23 week twins. Jeez! Must be a mess!


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I have seen former 23 weekers who have showed up at a reunion as perfectly normal preschoolers. I hope you get to see your latest influx at a smilar stage someday.

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I haven't been to work since Saturday night but we were having a rash of kids like that. I think they were mostly 23-24 weekers (we don't resuscitate below 23 0/7 wks). I do know that our most acute room takes up to 13 kids, we were having low census then all of a sudden they started raining on us. 7 kids in the acute room, all under 600grams. Fortunately nobody on Hi-Frequency but everybody on all the other kinds of support. So sorry I had to go work the feeder-grower room that night!;)


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I have real ethical problems with agressively treating 22-23 weekers. We had a similar influx this summer and only one is still alive, still in the NICU with no real plans to ever leave. It's hard to see. I just keep telling myself it wasn't my decision, but it's hard not to feel guilty when I look after him.


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I agree Fergus.....we have several 23 weekers that are 4-6 months old with no sign of ever leaving us.....I don't think we did anyone a favor with those situations...


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We are the same! About four-six months ago we had a bunch of micro preemies! Now thaey all have shunts and chronic lung!

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I've been back to work for the last 3 nights and we picked up another 3-4 24-26 weekers. Including 24 week twins at shift change (how inconsiderate was that!!) yesterday morning. Doesn't look good for the 370 gram twin on HFOV. But then what would be good for 24 week kid weighing that little?


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Hi, I am a new grad and NICU nurse. What is HFOV? Also, is it a policy and procedures thing or is it doctor's discrepency from pt to pt as to what age of the premie that the infant will or will not be resesitated???

Right now I am training on the intermediate side: the feeders and growers. I think I am going to be an NICU nurse for the long haul. I just love it.


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