Our Lady of Lourdes CRNA Interviews for 2019

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Just wondering if anyone has heard back from Our Lady of Lourdes CRNA Program in Camden, NJ, starting in May 2019. I sent my application at the end of July and now I am an email-checking psycho freak praying for an interview.

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Good luck.

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There was an interview day in August. One in September and October as well.

I still haven't heard back. I was waiting at first, now I am just moving on to my other applications... It was the first one I sent so I was excited. I'm sure they have made their interview decisions by now. :/

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They REALLY take their time with the process. I submitted all materials April 16. App period was April 1 - July 1. July 17 I get an interview confirmation. Roughly 5 WEEKS LATER I have an interview in August. At least 2 of us were told we'd hear a decision in 4-6 weeks. Geeeez! All in all I'll have been in this process 6 months.

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They have 90 applicants and interview 35-40 people each year though that changes often.

Oh no... the hope is coming BACK! 90 applicants isn't bad! I was expecting more. I turned in my app a couple of days before the deadline. How was the interview? Pretty nice? grueling?

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There's only 15 spots. I forgot to add that. 15/40= 38% chance of getting in and lesser as time goes on and spots get filled with each interview day.

Dont worry I emailed them and they responded that they are still goiing through apps and we can here back this week or next week. Hang in there

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Wow that's really good to know. D you happen to know when their interview days are?

Hey newmail445,

How was the interview and the science exam?

I applied as well back in July and haven't heard anything back yet, hopefully next week we'll hear something.

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