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Hi everyone,

I know that a lot of people here have vented and lamented how long it can take to get a job as a CNA, PCT, etc. despite an obvious Nursing Shortage.

Just wanted everyone to know that at the end of May 2002 I applied via online for a PCT/PCA job with a local health org. Just today, Sept. 10, 2002 I recieved an email message that they received my resume and were reviewing it and could possibly call me for an interview, but if I didn't get asked for an interview they will retain my resume for 6 months.

6 months from which date, today or back in May? :roll

Ah yes, welcome to the world of large corporate Human Resources!


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It's unbelievable. I passed my CNA certification exam on 8/9, and my friend and I applied for jobs the following week. We really wanted to work at the LTC facility we had done our clinical in, and the director of nursing CALLED TO OFFER US JOBS, and then when we said we couldn't make the 5 days of scheduled "orientation" (weekdays, and we are in school all week and asked to only work on Sat/Sun), he said he'd figure something out and call us back...STILL HAVEN'T HEARD FROM HIM...and we know several girls who used to work there who said they had a bunch of CNA's quit last month...so we know they are desperate for help...BUT STILL, NO PHONE CALL...:confused:


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Wow:eek: they sure did rush to call you!! Would you take the job if they asked you? That's a long time for them to get back with you.

Good Luck !:cool:


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hey i got a letter acknowleging receipt of my app two years later once and I guessed what prompted that letter! I probably was right!

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Wow I love this thread!

Here's what happened to me. I am a nursing student starting my second year. I also happen to be licensed as a CNA but with virtually no experience.

I applied at a local hospital along time ago as a CNA or Unit Sec and took their tests, filled out apps etc... I did well on the tests I'm sure of it but they never called. I call back in two weeks and they say, "oh you're scheduled for a phone interview next week." They NEVER call back! So a few weeks ago, I call and tell them the situation and see if there's something I can do as I really wanted to work there. The gal said she would resubmit my app and I would hear something probably in a couple weeks. Two weeks go by, I call, and they say there's no way they can check on the status of my application because it may have gone to the unit managers already. They say this recruiter guy may call me back and he NEVER calls. I'm fed up with them to say the least.

I've since moved and there's this local hospital that is nice that I would like to work at. I fill out their application, and I never hear anything. I mean I would think facilities would like to hire CNAs who happen to be nursing students with clinical experience and critical thinking skills.

Here everyone is supposed to be clamoring for CNAs/Nurses to come work for them but I'm not seeing it. I just that the nursing shortage IS for real and that when I graduate, positions will be more readily available.



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When I was a CNA and a nursing student at the same time I also experienced situations similar to yours. I applied twice at a local hospital for a CNA position (I had limited experience, but experience nevertheless). Heard absolutely nothing the first time. The second time was told by HR to go to the office of the nursing dept. Gave app to person there to read. She gave the usual brush off, "We'll contact you when we have something". I was a little persistent, pointing out my qualifications. I thought that HR would not have sent me directly to the dept. if something was not avail. This woman had the gall to totally ignore me when I spoke to her. She did not say another word to me after her put-off and looked in the other direction. We were the only two in the office. I was stunned and I never followed up to bring her behavior to someone's attention. Since then, talking to peers and comparing notes, it seemed that to the best of anybody's knowledge people who were connected to people already working there were the only ones hired. To this day I can't believe that woman treated me that way!


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We must have applied to the same hospital because I applied for 4 positions between June and July 02 and I received 4 emailed on September 10 stating the same thing.



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You would believe that if they wanted to give the impression that they were doing their job half-way correctly, the answers would be forthcoming directly after the application, not 3 months or 2 years later. There are laws concerning the treatment of job applicants. When two years go by, it would be obvious to anyone that these employers are thumbing their noses at certain applicants and the law also. Any labor law attorney will tell you that it is almost impossible to counter this behavior, no matter how flagrant.


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Some of you have really topped my story!

I don't feel so bad now.

I guess I'm sitting here trying to figure out their "hiring process" and am confused as to what happened or why I finally got notification nearly 4 months after it was submitted. I mean, the internet is so fast that I can understand getting an automatic message a few hours or days after sending my resume to them on line. But what exactly occured 4 months after the fact that all of a sudden I'm getting this message now?

And, I know that they got my resume and cover letter at least a few weeks after I submitted it because I received an email from an HR person asking me to send in another resume listing my experience working at the local Psych Hospital. BUT, I've never worked there and figuring that they got me mixed up with someone else I responded back and told them so. I got a very short impersonal reply that said they did mix my resume up with someone else. And that was it!

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Completely understand. I've applied for several unit secretary positions without any calls. I check continuously and the same positions are still listed as open. I haven't applied for any CNA positions because I am not certified but you would think being a nursing student would help get into a hospital position. Yesterday I applied online for a patient care assistant, but really don't expect a call.

It makes you wonder.

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