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I continue to become enraged with Nursing's declining Healthcare coverage at increasing costs..I am wondering if this is a regional (Greater Cleveland) problem, or are more of you taking a trip to the proctologist with crummy healthcare for yourself..I just started with a new employer..LTC.. family owned..has several facilities...The Employer will pay for a nurse... real basic 80/20 $1000 deductable and No prescription..The same plan if you have even 1 child or a spouse is $70 a pay..To get decent family plan is a staggering $170 a pay ( every 2 weeks) and that one you still have co pays and $20 scripts...Now other people I talk to , NOT in healthcare, seem to come up with a good coverage and dental and vision Family Plan for $30-$40 a pay...They do not work for Gigantic employers..less total employees than this company has and seem to get good healthcare for less..Does anyone else seem to be having this problem??? Do any of you know why or how this is occuring. ...And the Big Question...What do I do to remedy it..A Group Policy for all nurses in the country sure would be sweet..No Insurance Companies Out there want to write some policies for a couple of million people :) ????Tell me what you know ...Thanks!!!!


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I agree that it is ridiculous that we who work for healthcare providers should be paying even a dime for healthcare coverage. But you must remember that health care is big business and when the suits figure out how to capitalize and profit off of something they go for it full force. I currently pay about 40 per pay period comes out to about a grand a year. The suits where I work want to increase it by anywhere from 12 to 25% over the next few years. The coverage is marginal at best and a couple of their plans are accepted by very few doctors since they take forever to pay. It is really sickening, no pun intended, and they wonder why healthcare is in the critical condition that it is.


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I have pretty good coverage. I pay $45/ month for me and hubby, and there is no deductible for health care, $15 deductible for eye care, and basic dental coverage with no deductible. I pay 50% of major dental, like braces.

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Howdy yall

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We have good medical, eye, dental, and extended coverages.

When I had surgery, they took the insurance and wrote off everthing else, so did the doctors involved.

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I am very fortunate with our healthcare benefits. It is one of the few benefits we do receive. I pay about $150 a month for our family of five. $10 co-pay for the family doc, and for any specialist who is in our preferred group. $10 co-pay for the ER at our facility. No charge for Xrays, lab works, or other procedures done at our facility. Prescription coverage is $5.00 for generics and approved brand name drugs without a generic equilavent is around $10-20. My 10 year old had an acute appendicits last fall, and I only paid $10 for the ER visit. Everything else covered at 100% including surgery and anesthesia. My health insurance is the one reason I do stay at the facility I am currently at.


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Our healthcare benefits are pretty much like yours, fedupnurse. Very few doctors will take the basic plan and the PPO costs big bucks.

We have been told that we are lucky to get ANYONE to cover us as "nurses are a more expensive group to cover".

Supposedly, since we know more about more health issues, we are all a bunch of hypochondriacs and demand a lot of unnecessary procedures. Personally, I think it is the other way around: the nurses I know tend to take better care of their health, treat health problems when small (even with "home remedies") and don't run to the doctor for every cold or flu (unless required by the employer to validate an absence...).

Originally posted by deespoohbear

My health insurance is the one reason I do stay at the facility I am currently at.

Hellooooo suits.....anybody listening?????


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At the city, I have a PPO, costs me $256 a month for the whole family, MD visits $20. RX $5-15 each, had surgeery the day afterr christmas, 90/10 of contract rates, hospital bill was $26,000, contracted rate was $2600, I didn't pay anything, they wrote the rest off cause I'm a nurse, Did have to pay the gas man $100. We have eyeglasses, dental, and coverage that pays you $100-$200/day for q day you are hospitalized. We also have nursing home coverage. and life ins. I'm happy to pay it-before I got hired on with the city, I was COBRA'd in at $800./month for my family with my prior employer. BUT

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