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Finally broke down and bought a pair of Danskos. They were expensive and they are not comfortable at all! I wore them for a couple of hours yesterday and then for a 10 hour shift today. I dont think I can bear to wear these again. They feel so hard and heavy, where did I go wrong?

You need to wear them a couple of hours a few times and then gradually work up to it. They are the best things for your legs. After 12-13 hours on my feet, they don't hurt at all since I got them. 10 hours is too much to do the second time you wear them. Gradually....

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Give them time to break in. I personally didn't like mine and I think I will try Alegria when I get a new pair.

For the price you think they would be the most comfortable thing ever!

Mine killed the first time I wore them, but it got better pretty quickly. I can't tolerate the backless Danskos, though. For some reason those never broke in, they just consistently hurt.

Mine also hurt like crazy the first fewtimes I wore them. Just wear them a few hours and gradually work up to the whole shift. Once you break them in, they shouldn't hurt and your legs and back will thank you!


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My feet never really hurt wearing them. Only because the girl I bought them from was great at explaining them to me. She told me.. these were shoes that took time and I had to break because they were handmade and needed to form to my foot. They don't have foam like sneakers, which is why they last and help you stand and walk in a better position.

I wore them for about a week because I took them for work. I work them for an hour one day. Then two hours the next. The third day I wore them on a flight. Etc etc, progressively increasing the time until I braved an entire 12 hour shift.

Because they are hand-made and every foot is different, my left foot was initially tight at the top. I wore a bandaid for a few days there and now they are perfect.

Give it time. They are so so worth it. And I held off getting them for the longest time because I thought they were ugly.

I think I am returning them today if the store will take them back. I want to go back to my Shapeups that felt comfortable the first day I wore them. Problem is they only last 3-5 months tops before they lose the comfort. It is an expensive habit.

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Get some tennis shoes.