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OSU Grad Entry Program 2020


Hello Everyone!

I am a starting a new thread for those applying for the Grad entry program at OSU this October for 200 entry. I am a super excited yet super nervous, I know the waiting process is tedious. I haven't applied yet, currently finishing up two pre-req courses. I am a Respiratory Therapist pursuing the FNP tract. Super excited for everyone.

Hi @resptoFnpplease

I too, plan on applying for OSU graduate entry program in October of 2020! I am super nervous and excited too about this program!! I am currently finishing up anatomy, and for the summer section I'm taking physiology and Microbiology!

@YonniB yayyy ! What specialty are you looking to pursue ? I am taking microbio and A&P too this semester. So nervous yet excited too it seems so far away to apply but it literally is coming right around the corner !!

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Hello Everyone!

I am a starting a new thread for those applying for the Grad entry program at OSU this October. I am a super excited yet super nervous, I know the waiting process is tedious. I haven't applied yet, currently finishing up two pre-req courses. I am a Respiratory Therapist pursuing the FNP tract. Super excited for everyone.

@resptoFnpplease I am super excited!!! And I plan to apply to the Pscyh Np tract! I am actually finishing up my anatomy now, and plan to take physiology in the summer and Microbiology the fall semester. Where did you take physiology, and omg how was it!? Was it super hard? Yes, I know that time is going to be here so fast, its crazy!!!

What's your background if you don't mind me asking?


awesome ! I am currently in A&P II and microbiology this summer semester and that will be my las pre reqs before applying. I wouldn’t say they are hard they are just tedious. I am taking my pre reqs currently at COTC. My background is I am a respiratory therapist I have been working in the healthcare field since 2015(patient transport, pca, and respiratory therapist) . What is your background ?

@resptoFnpplease Oh wow! Props to you!!!! I am currently taking physiology this summer! I am not sure if I am going to be able to apply since I need one more pre-reqs which would be microbiology! Ugh! I just thought I would be able to apply and get conditional acceptance if I passed. I am not sure right now! My background is I am a psychiatric social worker and have been for about a 1 year, but I have been dealing with people with developmental disabilities and mental illness since 2015 as well! 🙂

What did you get in your pre-reqs so far? If you don't mind me asking? 🙂

Thanks girl!! And oh no I thought you were taking micro this semester too yes they unfortunately want all pre reqs completed before applying. There are other programs that allow you to come on conditional but I don’t think OSU is one of them but I wouldn’t least call and double check before you get your hopes down !

But that’s awesome you have a background in social work !! Great direction to go the psych np route!!

As far as they’re pre reqs i am currently in A&P 2 andmicro . I have had As in there reqs so far . I think you have to pass them with atleasta B


No Problem girl!!! and yes I was, and I was scheduled too, but it was just a lot and I wasn't sure if I would be able to handle it with my work load and everything else, but I wanted to see if they had another summer session for Microbiology hopefully! But I am not sure! Ill definitely ask and call to double check, hopefully they changed it or something! Lol

Thanks girl!!! I absolutely love psych !

Thanks awesome! I was so close to an An in anatomy and ended up getting an 89% = B in anatomy so I was so devastated and thought it would make me less competitive !

Hi everyone! I’m a student in the grad entry program in my second year. I am in the neonatal specialty however I am petitioning to transfer to either adult gero or CNL. If you guys have any questions at all let me know!

@buckeyekh Omg yesssss! Thank you so much for responding to this forum. How do you like the program so far?

Are the courses super difficult or manageable?

How was the interview process? I heard there are two interviews

What was your background/Pre-Quitistes grades when you applied (If you don't mind me asking) ? 🙂

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Hello @buckeyekh,

Welcome ! That is awesome you are already in the program I am torn between midwifery and just FNP. I am curious to see how your workload was for the first year ? did you work? I have a 7 month old and I know its going to be tough but I am willing to fight for it. Why are you switching specialties if I can ask? How long did you have to wait for decisions last year? Sorry so many questions just so many grey areas.

I like the program a lot and have no regrets about applying. Some courses are difficult, some are not. I've personally have found it to be manageable and I have a 4.0, though that is not that common. However, I only work 10 hours a week and I am one of those people who tests well. You have to get a B-, and people typically do not have a problem doing that. I know of a couple people who did not pass a class because they simply did not try. People with a healthcare background actually tend to get the lowest grades at first because they believe that they won't need to study as much. If you fail a class you will get held back a year, no exceptions. At the same time, there are many many people in the program with babies and full time jobs who get A's and A-'s. There are three or four people that have had babies during the first year of the program so it is absolutely doable. I would say 90% of the people in the program work at least 30 hours a week, because if you work 30 hours a week for OSU, your tuition is free. We have class one day per week, and clinical one or two days per week depending on the semester. In the post-licensure portion, you will precept about two days a week.

There is one online interview. It gives you questions then video tapes the answer. You don't actually talk to anyone. Everyone gets an interview and I don't think it really has any weight. I promise, you will think it went awful. Everyone thinks that. I think that happened in November. We were given the decisions in mid-December. The most essential component of your application is the essay. If it is not good, you simply will not get in regardless of the rest of your application. I started early and utilized the OSU writing center which helped a lot.

I have a psychology degree from OSU and graduated in 2018. I had a 3.75 GPA and mostly A's and A-'s in prerequisites. Most people had an undergrad GPA closer to 3.5, though quite a few people were lower. I got a B+ in microbiology but probably could have done better. I had no healthcare experience. I also took the anatomy dissection course which I've heard looks good.

After having clinicals in the first year, I decided that I preferred to work with adults. I will tell you that it is incredibly difficult to switch specialties, unless you want to switch to CNL. Neonatal is a 5 year specialty, so I will most likely switch to CNL then get a post-masters in family. I want to work with the adult-gero population but FNP is more favorable in the job market. It is essentially impossible to switch to family (or most other specialties) once you are in the program.

Let me know if you guys come up with any more questions!

Omg you are amazing that was amazing insight I truly appreciate you !

That awesome you got a decision by December I have been reading in the past forums those haven't received a decision until late February -_-. That's great to hear those with families and full time jobs were able to make due, even with having a child. That's amazing ! Do you work as a nurse anywhere ? have you sat for your NCLEX yet? I have heard the essay is what counts that's why those with lower gpas have been accepted. I could have a million questions but I wont bombard you lol. Your currently in Neonatal ? why is It 5 years if that's ok to ask? I hold interest in CNM but I notice there is a better job market for FNP so I am torn.

Oh wow!!! Thank you so much for this in depth information regarding the program! If you don't mind me asking with is the CNM ? I am so nervous about applying and am not sure if I can due to me still having to take microbiology and not being finished until December when the deadline is October I think! :(

CNM is midwifery ! and I would try and call just to make sure I would want you to waste an application fee :(

Sadly! I did email the program and they said that I would have to have al the courses complete before applying! 😞 I am so bummed ! I don't know what else to do at this point regarding applying or trying to take the class another session in the summer, but sadly they do not have microbiology for the 8 or 6 week session, only the 11 week session which I understand !

Oh no !!! I'm so sorry girl this is a bummer I know they ended changing requirements last year or the year before they must have changed it to you need to have all pre reqs completed prior to application. I'm sorry :( is there another program you can apply to ?