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  1. I believe I've come to the right forum!

    I just recently accepted a position to start on a surgery/ortho floor and I am looking for reading material to start gaining knowledge in this area. Let me say that I am a new LPN grad and this will be my first job. During my clinicals at school I only cared for a few tkr or thr....not enough to say I have a wealth of information stored to say the least!

    Any feedback/information will be greatly appreciated. I start orientation in 10 days but will not actually begin on the floor w/my preceptor for approx 1 month after my hire date. Hopefully I can get a basic understanding.

    Thanks again!
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  3. by   ClariceS
    Go to (yes I spelled it correctly). They have some good links and information. Also, start talking to the nurses once you start and they are usually a wealth of info, or can let you know what periodicals they get, etc.

    Good Luck!
  4. by   P_RN
    See if your library has a copy of the National Association of Orthopaedic Nurses (naon) book:Core Curriculum.

    Be sure to view any naon tapes they have, usually that is part of the orientation. See is there is a traction tape also....while not so many patients are put into traction today, there are still basic principles of body alignment that are addressed there.

    Talk with the orthopaedic doctors. Let them know that you are new but eager to learn. My best "resources' were two nationally known Orthopaedic surgeons. I asked, they answered.

    Have fun. Bones and joints are great! and after awhile you'll realize that Ortho is not just "all that traction and stuff." Our patients rarely died, coded or stayed more than the few days it took to recover.

    P <-----ONC, 22+ years orthopaedic nurse
  5. by   Jayonoway
    Thank you both for the information! =)

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