HELP! Need Ortho Info ASAP!

  1. I'm not asking for a medical diagnosis or medical advice. I'm merely asking for a time estimate ....

    I finally got the MRI back on my knee injury. The problem is that I'm in HMO hell and, for now, I can't see ortho specialist for two weeks ... although I'm trying to get in to see someone faster.

    My problem is that nursing school starts on Monday and I need some information to try to estimate what kind of time frame I'd be looking at with knee surgery.

    In other words, do I have to drop of out nursing school for a semester?

    The school is willing to work with me but, if the time frame for surgery and recovery, etc. is impossible ... that's what I'm trying to find out.

    I have a complete medial meniscus tear, as well as strain and disruption with the anterior cruciate as well as lateral collateral ligaments.

    Any guidance as far as what kind of time frame I'd be looking at would be deeply appreciated. Feel free to PM me also.

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  3. by   RoxanRN
    I am debating having my knee scoped. I've had problems with it for around 9 months. It got severely worse about 8-ish weeks ago - pain rating at least 6/10 about 75% of the day and 10+/10 about 25 % of the day and work becoming more and more difficult (neuro critical care). I had tried conservative treatment (OTC NSAIDs, rest, elevation, Bio-Gel, chiropractic, ice packs, heating pad, etc) as well as Celebrex and glucosamine. The MRI says mild chondromalacia patella and possible posterior medial meniscus tear.

    At the ortho appointment 4 weeks ago, as he put me through the various ROMs/tests, I had all the clinical s/s of a tear. It was injected at that appointment ago and I've had minimal pain since - 1-2/10.

    At the 2 week F/U with the ortho, he said is was disappointed with the results as I was only totally pain free for 24-36 hours s/p injection. Overall, I'm pretty happy with the results - ie I'm not in constant pain. But I can see it worsen again in the future.

    So, question 1..... do I go ahead with the scope or do I wait for the 'next time?' Question 2.... what is the general recovery time for a scope? Can I comfortably travel (car, plane and train) after a week?

    All thoughts and opinions are welcome. Thanks ahead of time.

  4. by   Mimi2RN
    My husband had his knee scoped about 3 years ago. He was on crutches for about a week, had several weeks of PT, and was back to normal within 4-5 months. He hurt it on a backpack trip, was miserable before the arthroscopy was done, and recovered without any problems.

    He tried everything before having it scoped, just like you have done, and wasn't sure he wanted surgery. It took several months of recovery, but he has not complained about his knee since then.
  5. by   mint
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  6. by   chelsea_j
    I had a knee scope on March 31 and I only used my crutches for about 2 days around the house and then occassional used them when I went out. I didnt go to PT and was off restriction at work in 1 month. Although I didnt get my full ROM back until June.
  7. by   P_RN
    We really can't give medical advice on these boards. Good luck though.

    Thread closed.
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    Lizz this falls under medical advice which we can't give on these forums. Thanks for understanding.
  9. by   NRSKarenRN
    performing an internet search, one is able to obtain this info by reviewing reliable sources:

    from: the center for orthopaedics & sports medicine. ga
    the most commonly performed surgical procedures on the knee include a meniscectomy (removal of the meniscus), meniscal repair, and ligament reconstruction...this is usually done as an outpatient. on the average, most patients are able to walk without crutches within 48 hours. an active rehabilitation program is then initiated in an effort to rebuild the muscle strength in the muscles around the knee, thus relieving the stress on the knee. in most patients, an exercise program is started by the seventh post-operative day.... patients are usually on some type of activity restriction for approximately 6 weeks after surgery, or until rehabilitation has been successfully completed.

    medlineplus medical encyclopedia: meniscus tears

    meniscus tear -

    dh has had tears on each knee. recouped in three months one , othe taken several years and only 50%. physician will be the best person to advise you regarding surgery and recovery time based on your mri results and arthroscopy. hoping you get into the specialist soon and can get on the road to recovery.