Was offered a day job and have been told I won't like it. Help? (CNA)

  1. I currently work nights as a CNA at a hospital (7p-7a) 3 days a week on a neuro tele med surg floor. I've done nights for almost a year now and it's doable for me, however I feel disconnected from the world sometimes and just so dead tired. I'm also going to school for my RN and have been having a hard time doing nights with school. I think I would rather just wake up and go get my work day started rather than spend my whole day knowing I have to work all night. I accepted a day shift position on the same floor but other side which is ortho/med surg. Ortho is not where I want to work necessarily, but I'll have the same bosses and they are good with my school schedule which is good, and full time day jobs are just hard to come by in my hospital. HOWEVER, everyone on my side of the floor have been telling me how terrible it is on days on the other end. Apparently there's some not so nice people, and the RN's don't help out and make aides feel like they aren't important at all. AnD other things. And all of this talk is making me nervous. So even though I really would like to work days now I don't even know if I want to because of what I've been hearing. I know it's a very busy floor as I've been over there a couple of times. I really enjoy nights besides the fact that it just messss up my outside life to where all I want to do is sleep. I was offered a night job in ICU at the same time and turned it down to work days, now I just feel like it's a mistake. I just want a normal life, which is what days can give me, but I don't want to hate my job and burn out either. Should I go to days despite what people are saying?
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  3. by   Hoosier_RN
    Try it. Everyone has differing opinions. If you don't like it, you can always switch back to nights
  4. by   StefiNurse
    I'd say give it a try you never know until you try..My DON moved me to memory care when I was working in skilled... I was not liking the idea considering I had just recently been working in and out of Post surg.And rehab..But I gave it a go and fell in love with everything on my new unit especially my Pts..So you never know until you try it out!! Good luck!!
  5. by   Beth RN61
    There's always so much to learn... Take any opportunity . Working day shift is different as you'll now have to learn how to deal with Dr rounds, family members, PT/OT/ST, doctors appointments, etc. it's a great way to learn prioritization, teamwork. As an RN, our CNA's are our eyes and ears. If a CNA brings something to my attention, I jump on it. I treat them with the utmost respect and admiration. I never forget to thank them at the end of their shift. Your nurses will learn to respect you.
  6. by   NevadaFighter
    Many people say that about days when they are accustomed to working nights, mostly because of how busy it is. You'll learn alot on days and your body will feel so much better. Give it a try!