Things you wish you could say to your patient

  1. Soon to be a status post total hip replacement(anterior approach)Not looking for medical advice,just tips on how to be the best patient ever...Hubby will be bringing Dunkin Donuts coffee for the staff every day,I promise to NOT get up by myself.....Have done all my preoperative education and some PT...Bag is packed.Anything else?Can't wait to get up and get moving g post op
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  3. by   Lev <3
    If you have questions ask them, but try to avoid extended conversions during report.

    When your nurse comes in to give meds, avoid extended conversations, because most likely she has to give meds to a couple other patients too within a time frame.

    Don't talk while your nurse is using her stethoscope.

    Use your incentive spirometer and tell staff how high you've gone.

    Don't dump your urine unless you know they aren't measuring.

    Don't refuse to allow BPs in an upper extremity unless you have a legit reason (such as lymph node removal on that side or a DVT).

    Use every opportunity to walk if allowed.

    Move around in bed - do the exercise PT teaches you.

    If your nurse comes into the room, get off your phone.

    Don't refuse PT (make sure you are medicated before).

    Tylenol will help with pain. Don't refuse tylenol or motrin because you think it won't work. If you are on scheduled pain medicine there is a good reason for that. Take it so we don't have to chase after your pain.

    If you are feeling dizzy or lightheaded before PT or before getting up please tell someone. The last thing we want is a fall.
  4. by   ktwlpn
    That's a good start.It's a shame that many people really do need to be told the common sense stuff......
  5. by   mmc51264
    Tylenol will help with pain. Don't refuse tylenol or motrin because you think it won't work.
    (we don't normally use ibuprofen post-op) Tylenol is VERY underrated!!!!!! It works.

    Stay on top of your pain. Do not let it get away from you.

    Do not refuse your bowel medications if you are taking narcotics. Having to use a bedpan is not the worst thing in the world. Having to be dis-impacted is not a better option.

    I have to disagree a little with conversation. Maybe during report, but I like to talk to my patients, sometimes things come out that pts don't think are important but are.

    Try to encourage people to visit you at home, after you have been d/c'd. You are going to the help there, not in the hospital. Those few days that you are in the hosp. you are going to need all the rest you can get. you don't need to entertain family while you are healing. Let them bring you (and your family) meals when you get home.

    Good Luck!!!!
  6. by   ktwlpn
    Thanks for the tips.I'm really getting excited,just a couple of weeks to go.Looking so forward to walking without this pain.
  7. by   ktwlpn
    Just a few more days......