Interventions to maintain nutrition after hip surgery

  1. Okay so here I was cruising along getting a care plan done up, based upon the framework that we were given in class. I went to my preceptor for proofing and while she said it was good, she totally bagged out my teacher and said that I would need to forget what they have taught us in class about making a care plan.

    While I respect both my teacher and preceptor and recognize that most places will have their own little ways to do things as a student it can be very confusing having such contradictions, but I wil keep plodding on.

    On a side note, just to see that I am not off the beaten path can some of you share how you would approach this situation:

    Identify nursing interventions that could assist a hip surgery patient to maintain normal nutrition following her surgery.

    When asking my teacher if I had approached it right she was glad I had done it the way she taught us and coudnt see where the preceptor was going withher idea. Sheesh caught in the middle.

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  3. by   meownsmile
    A short list, mainly because the patient will return to their normal diet within 12 hours of surgery barring any nausea/vomiting is to consult dietician for further teaching regarding coumadin administration and contraindicated foods, high protien, calcium diet, high fiber diet to prevent constipation until mobility returned to pre-surgical state.