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ortho to L&D?

by peaches84 peaches84 (New) New

I am currently working in ortho/neuro for the last 2 years (we also have quite a bit of med/surg)

I have always known I wanted to work in L&D, I am getting married in one month and just looked to see that there is a full time opening in the birthing center at a hospital an hour away, now we have talked about moving to this city anyway and especially since I hate my current job, this seems to be a good time.

my concern is that I have absolutely no background in this and that it's a month from me getting married and taking two weeks of vacation for the wedding and honeymoon ( I don't want that to mess up a new opportunity)

does anyone have any ideas to make this transition smoother or any research magazines, books, websites so that I can have some sort of introduction to this at least.

thanks in advance. this absolutely terrifies me but I desperately need a change not only in the area that I work in but I need a whole new hospital to work at. (I love being a nurse but hate the hospital I work at)


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Apply for the job. See if you get an interview. If you do, go and do your best. See what they have to offer. I would wait till you get a job offer before you mention any plans. They should be able to work with you.

You are at such an exciting time in life. It can't hurt to apply. Good luck and congratulations!!

jenrninmi, MSN, RN

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I had a great transition from Neuro to L&D. Like you, I always new L&D was where I wanted to be. Go for it!


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A lot of times it takes a while for the interview then the acceptance ect. So if it asks on the resume when can you start? Just say the day that you can (after your honeymoon) :) Congrats on getting married...good luck on the job.

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