Orlando area?? Where to live??


WE are looking to relocate to the Orlando area. Any info on cities or neighborhoods. We would like smaller town, lake access, good schools. Also any info on hospitals in the area. I am a nurse and my husband is a CRNA. Thanks Again!!

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I lived in Waterford Lakes (East Orlando) for about 4 years. We loved it there. It's close to everything and there are several lakes in the community. The schools are grade A schools in the area.

I don't know much about the hospitals there, I never worked at any of them but you have Orlando Regional Hosp, Arnald Palmer (for women and children) which is part of Orlando Regional, and Florida Hopsital.

Here are some websites to get you started,




Good Luck

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Good source for home rentals- http://www.craigslist.org Make sure you click on the Orlando link on the right.

PS dont for get the sticker shock- ie lower wages.



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Are you looking to rent a home or purchase? A wonderful rental company is @ http://www.jandergroup.com. Waterford, Stoneybrook & Avalon are nice neighborhoods especially if you have kids. But there is only one hospital in that area. The nice thing is you are about 30 minutes to the coast (if you take the Beachline), with a few hospitals there and 20 minutes to the hospitals in downtown Orlando. Oviedo is also a growing little community. Chuliotta (sp?) has a country feel but is close to things, except hospitals.

Good luck in your move.


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thanks for the info. We are looking to buy. This would be a permanent move. We are trying to figure out even where to start looking. Thanks again!!


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I can give you a name of a nice agent if you want to PM me. I am sure you are aware that the home prices are going up in Orlando, or should I say all of Central Florida. Good luck.


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When we first moved, we rented in East Orlando. thank god we didn't buy! We checked out the area and found Oviedo. It is a very nice small suburb of Orlando but right on 417 which can link you with I-4 and 408, two major highways to get around Orlando instead of going thru it. Oviedo is also 40 minutes to Disney/Universal/Sea World and the beaches.

There will be a new hospital to be built in Oviedo but one system is appealing the other to build it. Whatever, the CON has already been granted it's just a matter of who's going to keep it.

ORHS and Florida Hospital are the two major systems in the Orlando area. With Oviedo being right on 417, you can also check out Central Florida Regional Hospital in Sanford. Supposed to be a nice community hospital but I don't know anyone who works there. ORHS will be opening Winnie Palmer Hospital which is absolutely beautiful! State of the art! Check out another thread about ORHS vs. FH for my opinion about which hospital is nicer to work with. And I am not only basing my opinion on employment but also from being a patient at both. If you were local already, I'd show you my thrombosed arm courtesy of FH......but that's another story!


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I've lived here in the Orlando area for 17 years, first in South Orlando then Pine Hills then Metro West, then Bay Hill, then Windermere, and now Winter Garden. Windermere was the priciest but had the lowest crime and best schools. Winter Garden is great. Health Central Hospital is here, South Lake is not that far away over in Clermont. Good luck with your search!!


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Wherever you decide to live, please make sure it is close to the hospital that you plan on working at as the traffic is horrific! Windermere is a really nice area and Florida Central is close by. I live in Altamonte Springs about 4-5 blocks from Florida Hospital. Takes me about 5 minutes to get to the hospital. You definately do not want to live in an area that you have to fight traffic to get to work, and believe me, it's BAD.


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A good friend of mine lived in Lake Mary and loved it. She was pretty close to Florida Hospital Altamonte.

I live 2 hours from Orlando but I agree with Gypsymoon about the traffic!! I don't go to Orlando as much as I used to because of it.


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I lived in Altamonte Springs for 5 years and loved it. Lake Mary is also a nice area.


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Wherever you decide to live, please make sure it is close to the hospital that you plan on working at as the traffic is horrific! You definately do not want to live in an area that you have to fight traffic to get to work, and believe me, it's BAD.

Talking of traffic........does anyone know what it's like on Hwy 192 East going toward Celebration Hospital (near Disney) at around 6.30 am ??

I'll be starting work there soon and this stretch of the highway gets very congested at certain times of the day, but I'm not sure what to expect in the early mornings.......anyone??

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