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Orientation for Practical Nursing Program (yesterday)

Hello everyone,

So I had my orientation session for the RPN program ( I start n.week Tues.) and it was very informative.

The experience however, was really daunting:crying2:. I appreciated the fact that the program coordinators didn't sugar coat the journey to the end and I know going in that it will not be a walk in the park. However, it really seems like this program will demand all of my time (which is understandable, given the type of course that it is) and I am getting worried that I may not be able to keep a p/t job while in school, when I really need to.

The prog.coordinators said that in order to pass any subject , your study time must be double your in class time.

I am looking foward to the road ahead, but I am bit nervous now going in.

Can anyone share their experience while taking the RPN progam; specifically those who worked p/t.

Thanks in advance for all your responses.:)

Hey! Are you going to Humber College? I had my orientation day yesterday at Humber's North Campus - is this your college as well?

Hi there!

I finished year one of the two year PN program here in AB. I didn't have a "part time job" but I DO have 3 kids, so I'd consider that similar.

As to "double class time" in studying, we were told that too. It all really depends I think on the individual. You should try to decipher your learning style - for me, I need individual study time - I read my chapters, re-write what I think are important learning points and review. Then I have a group of women I study with and we quiz each other... my role is to "teach" them as I seem to learn by "teaching" and they learn by listening. I probably spent an hour or two each night, more if there was a test the next day.

Stay organized, keep up on the reading, and DON'T wait and try to "cram" it all in at the last minute. Start assignments before you think you need to and do a bit at a time. Good luck, the year will pass before you know it!

I just picked up my books today for year 2 and I'm groaning at the year ahead, but I know it will be over before I know it - and so very worth it at the end!!

mamaonamission, i will not be attending humber, but i wish you all the best!

curiousstudent1108 , thank you so much for the advice. by the way, three kids are a full-time job not a part-time job, so i think i will be ok. all the best to you in your last year and as you move on in your nursing career.

thanks guys,

sabrina_RPN specializes in Med/Surg, LTC, Rehab, Complex Care.

Hey hun,

I had posted my experience on another post that you opened up. But I can try to think up some more advice :rolleyes:

- Get sleep, you will need it :D

- Do not stay up late cramming for a test the night before, then you just end up in a haze for the entire test..lol

- Keep organized is probably the most important, keep an agenda with you at all times

- If you don't know a question, say you don't know but will find out for next class

- Practice practice practice your skills, make time to be in the skills lab with buddies so you can get some constructive feedback and have fun too!

- Lastly, remember that you will have great days where you feel on top of the world, and you will have your not so good days where you want to give up and go home and never go back. You will cry, sweat, laugh and celebrate! Don't give up! Gosh, if I knew about this website when I was in school, it would have been a huge stress reliever knowing that there are nurses and nursing students here with open arms. Just remember that we are all here to help you get through these next months!

I haven't had my orientation yet!! I'm so nervous and excited :)

Geez, I know the program is intense but double time!! I have three kids and though they're all in school they still need a lot of attention in the evenings. I'm glad I found this message board to talk with other RPN students :)

Wednesday must have been the day for orientations! I don't recall my instructors saying that I had to spend 2 hours studying for every hour of class, but I guess doing homework/review until it's done is a good practice. Good luck with your studies.

ruralgirl08 specializes in med-surg, OR.

Hi, I didn't take the PN program, but they did say this about my nursing program too. But, I was able to work 8hrs a week as a nurses aide. Alot of other students didn't work, but some of us needed too, and I found it possible. I just didn't have alot of "me" time, and I would ask for the time off or switch if I needed to.


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