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How long was your orientation? How long were you with a preceptor? I was with a preceptor for 1 week, and 2 days in the office learning Oasis. I am now 8weeks in and I am trying my best. I don't know how I am doing. I see my pts and write my notes, I have opened quite a few cases now. My manager has not said too much to me, I just keep seeing my pts have emailed her about discharging some but have not heard so I keep seeing them one to two times a week. I am hoping no news is good news. What do you think? I have another month of probation.

I was hired during a transition of supervisors so I was unsupervised for a while. I was tossed from preceptor to preceptor and even tagged along with each discipline to see their work. This went on for about a month before I was so BORED I begged to see patients. So they let me, and turned me loose. I prefer to learn by doing and fixing my mistakes as I go. So I just started plugging away at all the OASIS visits, etc. The utilzation review dept gave me prompt input and feedback on my OASIS.

The only thing I ever really heard when I got a supervisor was that I needed to increase my productivity. I was up to full speed and acceptable productivity in about 3 months, but working LOTS OF OVERTIME by then just to keep up! I had that under control by 6 months as my efficiency improved and made fewer documentation errors to fix. Now, it's all a breeze.

I would go along with no news is good news unless you want to force the issue and ask. That might or might not be a good idea.

I'm a new grad, and this was my first nursing job. I had one day of in office orientation, and one week with a preceptor.

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I orient new employees- they are with me 3-4 weeks. Start with basic visits, skills (if needed) and learning the computer, then adding in OASIS and finally the case management component. By the 3rd-4th week, usually they are doing visits by themselves and meeting up with me for their OASIS and charting for review/questions. I am available after that time for questions when needed. I have people who have been here for a year or more still calling me on occasion. Seems to lead to better prepared HH nurses, less QA/audit problems and overall better staff retention if a thorough orientation is available.

annaedRN I wish I worked for u. I am getting stressed because I am not sure if I am doing things right and just go day by day I have asked if I should D/C some of my pts and I have not gotten an answer. I am so afraid that one day soon she will say things are not working out. I really like HH and I hope I get things soon.

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Hi twokidsmom, Im in a similar situation and it IS stressful to not know how you are doing. I started with this agency a week before they changed software and the whole place is still in an uproar! I didnt have too much trouble learning the new software, it is all the other details of the place and their usual routines that Im uncertain of, and no one has time to explain any of it. People keep saying things like "well, you know how they are about ----- (insert whatever)" and I keep answering "no, I dont really know how they are about anything, Im still trying to find out where supplies are!"

If I didnt have previous HH experience I would really be lost. It isnt the visits Im worried about at all, it is lots of other details! And the surprise that I was expected to cover 2 huge rural counties instead of the 1 I thought I was hired for- I dont know my way around the other at all. Last week they had me do visits in the far end of 1 county and then my first admit in the far reaches of the other- took an hour and a half of driving just to get there! Waiting for the fallout on the overtime for that day! and still have no idea how I did on the admit, have since done another, and no feedback from anyone, when I ask they say they havent had time to look..........


At least you have computers and you had HH exp. When I was hired she told me I would be at her hip for awhile. Well I guess at her hip means she doesn't return emails or phone messages. I am doing my best, keep handing in my paperwork and doing my visits and admissions. We do not have computers and we recently were told we had to hand in our paper Oasis within 24 hours. She never even went over the entire Oasis with me I just keep filling them out and handing them in.

I have a friend who just was hired part time for another agency she will be with another nurse for 4 weeks. Then slowly go out on her own. WOW how lucky is she. I am hoping all this will make me a great HH nurse because I truly like HH.

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I would be really stressed by your situation! It doesn't help that when you are new you want to appear confident and capable and don't want to bug anyone too much. They will keep you because you just jumped right in, but it would be nice to get some good feedback on that!!

Make a list of things you have specific questions about and keep asking for a face-to-face meeting with your "at her hip" person to get answers. Push her for feedback- I think Im doing OK on these parts- but I don't know- Am I? She must expect that you will have questions, she is avoiding her responsibility to you, don't let her.

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