Wait listed for University of Portland Spring 2012

  1. ]Are there any pre-nursing students out there wait listed at University of Portland? I've been wait listed. This waiting game is pure torture. I pray that I get it!
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  3. by   Joyfull77
    I'm curious what determines a waitlisted student over an accepted student??? Is it GPA, experience, etc...or is it just space availability???? Would you mind sharing your GPA and experience??? I'm applying next year and I'm afraid I will be rejected or waitlisted for not having a high GPA!
  4. by   SophiaP
    Hi Joyfull77. To be honest I don't know what my GPA is. It's just been crazy juggling work, school and home life that I don't remember what the actually number is but I can tell you whatn my grades are for my pre-reqs for University of Portland, for some reason it is easier for me to remember grades. A&P I (B), A&P II (B), A&P (A), Microbiology (B), Statistics (A), Nutrition (A), Chem 104 (B), Human Development (B), Intro to Fiction Literature (A), Bio101 (C), Bio102 (C), Bio103 (A), Theatre Appreciation 101 (A), History of Western Civilization (A), Cultural Anthropology (A), Womens Studies (A), World Religions (B), Biomedical Ethics (A), Psychology 201 (A), Chem 104 (B)..... and I'm currently taking History of the Old Testament so that should meet the theology requirements if I do get accepted into University of Portland.

    I have worked in medical billing for 3 years. Then I worked at an out patient radiology office for 7 years. I also worked at an orthopedic surgeons office for almost 2 years, and just recently I was laid off and I got my CNA1.

    This is my second year applying to the University of Portland's nursing school. Last year I applied and was waitlisted (ranked #67). This year I'm waitlisted and ranked #1.

    Last year I also applied at Linfield and was waitlisted. This year I applied to Linfield and was rejected.

    I think they look at the whole package

    It's been frustrating...but I'm hoping for the best. Good luck Joyfull77.
  5. by   ValerieBPDX
    Sophia, I didn't know you were #1 on the waitlist! What torture. But two of my World Religions classmates who got in to UP decided to go to Linfield instead. If that ratio holds up, you should be getting some good news this week! Let me know when they call you--we can meet and celebrate. I am in the UP neighborhood--are you local?
  6. by   jimithing112
    Sophia, you have great chances. All it takes is ONE person to choose another school or have to pass on their admission for some other reason. Try not to stress too much about it!
  7. by   ValerieBPDX
    Today I was offered to move from Spring 2012 to Fall 2011, and I took it. Hope you get your call by the weekend so you can celebrate!
  8. by   SophiaP
    Nice Valerie! I got a call two weeks ago and was officially admitted I'll be starting in January.

  9. by   llh5057
    I just got in for January too!!
  10. by   llexi88
    I just got my letter letting me know i was waitlisted for spring 2013! Do you know how many students they take off the wait list?
  11. by   SophiaP
    Hi llexi88. It depends on how many students accepted to UP decide to go another school. I know that last year about 10 were taken from the waitlist. And about 80 students total were accepted into the transfer program.
  12. by   llexi88
    I'm number 28 on the wait list! What Do you think my chances are?

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