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  1. I am looking to apply to sumner college 17' but I'm a little nervous about the acceptance process. I know you have to write 3 essays, take the teas and do a panel interview. I'm just wondering what is the chances of me getting in the first time? how hard is it to get accepted? what is the panel interview like? Any tips?
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  3. by   Pezz555
    Hello: I am a current sumner RN student who also went through Sumner's LPN program. The program is good. It is not OHSU or University or Portland but it is good and it has oversight from the Oregon State Board of Nursing just like the other aforementioned programs. I believe that there are roughly 400-500 student who apply for the program each start date (which I believe is every 6 months.) From the interested parties roughly 200-300 will take the TEAS test and from that roughly 50 or so wil qualify for a panel interview. Each Cohort consists of 24 students. Sumner is an accelerated program so it is two years straight big breaks other than two weeks at Christmas and one week during July. I must say, we do not have the best clinical sites however, they do work on upgrading them. I figure, if the State Board of Nursing is okay with it, then so am I. When I sat for the NCLEX after my LPN program, I was extremely prepared. I don't know if you have any experience in the medical field but I do know that they do like CNA's and LPN's. There are about 5 or 6 people in my cohort who have no experience at all. Additionally, if you score high on the TEAS you will do well and likely get an interview. Study for that test and study for several weeks. You want to get a score of 80 or above. In order to qualify for the panel interview you need to get 3 points on your essays and at least a 4 (70%) on the TEAS. You need 7/10 points to qualify for a panel interview. I hope this helps you.
  4. by   schanelJ
    Thank you. So right now I'm struggling with the essays. They said it has to be a minimum of 2 pages. So far I have 1 and there simple questions... any advice?
  5. by   Pezz555
    you need to give examples in each essay question. For example: when they ask about why you want to apply, I had several reasons throughout my life where nurses were important. I talked about that. You need to fill the space somehow. Talk about your past, what you see for yourself in the future and how being a nurse will change your life. Hope this helps!
  6. by   Alex1985B
    I graduated from the RN program a few months ago and started working a week after I graduated from the school. I was offered a position at the same place I did my practicum. As long as you do well on the TEAS exam and take some time to write your essays, you have a very good chance of making it to panel. It took my several weeks to write my essays because I had several of my friends look over them and give me some feedback. I think they really want you to tell them why you want to be a nurse and why you would make a great nurse. Personal stories and including your background in the medical field, if you have one, is important. I loved everything about the program. It was hard, but I learned so much during my time at Sumner. Good luck with the process!
  7. by   Khorsley07
    I was jus trying curious if you applied? I have my panel interview this coming Friday and I am insanely nervous!
  8. by   schanelJ
    I did apply and I didn't get a high enough score on the teas test. I applied for the lpn and rn program. I'm under review for the lpn program now. Good luck with the interview, I'm sure you will do fine.
  9. by   Alex1985B
    I graduated from the RN program. This school is a great school and they really support every student. I referred several co-workers and one was accepted into the RN program and another is starting the LPN program.
  10. by   thewhitechickoj
    I've just applied to their October 2017 RN cohort. I had already taken my TEAS for another school, so that made the application process much easier. I love that they transfer credits from other schools for tuition reduction, but allow you to take those classes again for free if you'd like.
  11. by   pinky77
    Hi schanelJ - Do you mind if I ask what you got on the TEAS just to know if its worth my time to even apply to the RN program.

  12. by   Khorsley07
    I just started in the July Cohort and we are the first cohort with the new, higher TEAS score minimums. Everyone in my class scored in the 80's except one and she got a 79. I got an 87.3. While scores matter, they put a lot of emphasis on the interview.
  13. by   thewhitechickoj
    I'm excited and nervous. I scored a 79 on my TEAS for another school and turned in my application packet. I received a phone call on Friday asking me to come in for a panel interview on Tuesday.
  14. by   thewhitechickoj
    The four individuals who interviewed me were soooo incredibly nice. They had me step out of the room for a moment (a terrifying experience), but when I came back in, they told me I was in. I'm in cohort 9 and classes start October 2nd.

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