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I am looking to apply to sumner college 17' but I'm a little nervous about the acceptance process. I know you have to write 3 essays, take the teas and do a panel interview. I'm just wondering what... Read More

  1. by   MatoRnJen
    I'm in cohort 9 also! See you next Thursday!
  2. by   thewhitechickoj
    Orientation tomorrow! I'm so excited!
  3. by   vohjen
    Quote from thewhitechickoj
    The four individuals who interviewed me were soooo incredibly nice. They had me step out of the room for a moment (a terrifying experience), but when I came back in, they told me I was in. I'm in cohort 9 and classes start October 2nd.
    Hi thewhitechickoj,

    What questions did they ask you in your panel interview? Thanks,
  4. by   thewhitechickoj
    Oh goodness, let me think about that for a moment.... haha. It seems like so long ago now. They asked the typical questions like why you want to become a nurse, where do you see yourself in five years, and what steps have you taken to reach your goal. They also asked questions about how you would work to be successful in the program, what hurdles have you overcome in the past, and they also have me a short list of scenarios and asked me to prioritize them. Nursing questions like answering a telephone, someone crying in pain, someone having to go the bathroom, etc... and they asked me to explain my reasoning.
  5. by   Hailey23
    After you graduated from the LPN program did you feel like you were well prepared for the TEAS test to apply to the RN program at sumner?
  6. by   Heidinurse
    Sumner has a solid program. I graduated from there and coworkers constantly tell me how advanced my skills are for a ADN level nurse. I was promoted within a few months after accepting a position. It was a difficult program but worth it.