Salem Hospital CNA grads vs Chemeketa (CCC)

  1. I'd like to hear experiences of the grads from both the Salem Hospital and the Chemeketa Community College CNA programs with regard to the schooling. I'm interested in both, although CCC hides theirs under an odd name and I always have trouble finding it in the catalog. Is there an opinion if one will land you a better position than another?
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  3. by   caseofthemondays
    Hate to break it to you...but a CNA is a CNA
  4. by   oregonbeach
    So if you had CCC schooling, the hospitals around the valley would consider that the same as the classes at Salem Gen? I really don't know the textbook vs practicum hours for either location.
  5. by   lilhev333
    There are 40+ locations in Oregon that offer the Certified Nursing Assistant training such as community colleges, nursing homes, hospitals.... Check out and check out the CNA section. Like the previous poster said, CNA=CNA it doesn't matter where you get your is the Board of Nursing who issues your certification. Good luck in your endeavors.
  6. by   SalemSN
    The difference are trained in the hospital and MOST likely will get a job at Salem hospital. Also, the class is no cost to fact you are paid a decent training wage. There really isnt any other programs like it and it is somewhat competetive. It gave me great experience though.
  7. by   oregonbeach
    Well, our hospital finally opened up it's CNA training in June. Went to the second round session where 50 or so of us were told all the great parts about the program. Then we were told there was another room of people the day before competing for the same 20 positions, so we had about a one in five chance. They also told us that we would be notified at the end of next week, whether we made the cut or not. I heard in 5 hours that I didn't make it. It was not a kindness to notify me so quickly. I feel like I must have a serious flaw for them to spend another hour interviewing the rest of the room after me, go to lunch, get together, decide I'm not a candidate and EMAIL ME. I am seriously bummed.

    I have reason to be around a the hospital often. I just saw what must have been the last class of 20 or so on a tour. The really appear to be the "just out of high school," age students. I am out of high school.... about 30 years. I am also hearing from staff how this age group is not working out as well as some would like. They haven't established a work ethic, they don't have experience with death, or even having children and dealing with diapers and vomit. I got the impression that before I even approached the table for my 3 min interview that the interviewer was not in a great mood at that time. I established the reason for a career change (my former category of employment is paying almost zero with the economy), that I had many years of working with people, had lots of circumstances in government and private sector where confidentiality was important, I nursed my father during cancer, and that when a family member started looking into a medically related field, I began helping in school searches, it got me interested and now I'm very eager to persue this line of work.

    It may be that there were 20 people, or even just 10 with previous experience in nursing homes and such where they weren't licensed. I know that I also would have given preference to some of the young men who look like they could lift a patient easier than I could of. It likely wasn't personal, but, I am still very disappointed.

    So.... has anyone out there made it this go 'round or any other? Any advice for the next time? Or is it really hopeless if you are over 20?
  8. by   TMOMMA
    Wow, Well.....What you didnt take into account or what the person who has been informing you of everything did not tell you was that there were only 20 spots but there were also employees of Salem Hospital from various departments taking those spots as well. There were 2 people under 21. everyone else has children and were incredibly capable of doing the job very well. I also attended CCCs CNA program and it isnt as in depth as the Salem Hospital program. What they are intending to do is hire you into Salem Hospital not just train you and let you take that experience somewhere else. Maybe the harsh view you have on people came across in your interview because I certainly wouldnt want someone who judges people so harshly taking care of me.
  9. by   oregonbeach
    I don't want this to turn into a spitting match, really. My comments were made 4 months ago when the previous class was graduating, which I stated. They seemed pretty young. A few folks I've worked with gave me their opinions and experiences, which was part of what I was commenting on. I had not yet spoken with people in the know on how selections were made for the next class. I have since seen some of the class in question and was surprised that they were older and even experienced. I felt much better after talking to them. My supervisor indicated that that as much as possible, bilingual people would be hired (and/or those with medical background). In the recruitment that took place last month, being bilingual was a posted requirement where it had not been before. I actually don't have a problem with that. If it's a need, then that's what they have to recruit for.

    I'm sorry you feel I was judgmental and harsh. I am often called on to care for people, so maybe I don't do well on paper. No, I would never take the training and go elsewhere, I would in fact still apply at the hospital even if it was the same cost as CCC. I assume the training would be much better with the hands on experience.
  10. by   ArmyWife11B
    The CNA program at CCC is for CNA1 only, and is geered to get you ready to work in an LTC facitliy, and the Salem Hospital CNA course is for CNA 1 & CNA 2 (after you get hired) They do the class with the intention to give those in the class a good chance at getting a job here at the hospital. CNA 2 scope of practice is specific for hospitals, and allows you to check Blood Sugars and other things CNA 1's cannot do. (Currently CNA2 @ Salem Hospital)

    Another thing; The CCC CNA instructors are jokes, I worked on of the LTC facilities where the SNA's came and did their clinicals and they are very unprepared for the clinical setting. I know that one of the instructors would take days of class room time and lecture the students about Gay Rights and Her opinions on Government and tell me what that has to do with being a CNA??

    and btw, The Salem Hospital CNA course PAYS you to take the course IF you get accepted...
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  11. by   Fatherof1
    BTW What is an L.T.C. Facility? I initially worked at Fairview Training Facility and barely missed the time frame for obtaining my C.N.A. The training was excellent. Thanks for the info on the C.N.A. classes at C.C.C. Id be wondering what was going on as well if an instructor broke out into Gay Rights/Politics speech. I also took a shot at a Hospital where they had 20 open positions and about 300 applicants. They were suppose to bring another 20 into the fold and never did. I was suppose to be one of them, oh well. How do you apply for the CNA 1 & 2 classes at Salem Hospital? I have lots of experience as a care giver with ambulatory and non-ambulatory clients, all levels. What do you think my chances of getting an opportunity would be??? Thanks!!!
  12. by   Fatherof1
    Quote from SalemSN
    The difference are trained in the hospital and MOST likely will get a job at Salem hospital. Also, the class is no cost to fact you are paid a decent training wage. There really isnt any other programs like it and it is somewhat competetive. It gave me great experience though.
    There is no fee!!! Really?? What a deal! Sign me up lol

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