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    Trying to decide which state would be best to move to. I am a NICU RN, have worked in CA and TX and looking for a change. Which would be better, in your opinion? OR or WA?
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  3. by   klone
    Better in what way? This is a really difficult question to answer. Are you wanting city, small town, rural, coastal, plains, mountains? Mild winters and mild summers, or snow in winters and hot? Rain or snow?
  4. by   preemieRN15
    I should have clarified, thank you. I guess the nursing scene, pay, patient to nurse ratio, benefits, etc. But knowing about the weather would help too! Mild winters and mild summers would be perfect. Thank you!
  5. by   klone
    Mild weather, stick near the coast. As soon as you go more than 10 miles inland, it becomes much more extreme in the weather.

    I can't speak for Washington, but for Oregon you can look at the union contracts at various facilities, including their pay scales.

    Labor Department - Oregon Nurses Association
  6. by   preemieRN15
    Thanks for the info!