OHSU ABSN June 2011 Start - page 4

Hello everyone, I heard from current students that this is about the time last year that they got the PHONE CALL that they got into the OHSU ABSN program. I haven't heard anything yet. Has anyone... Read More

  1. by   ShineBox
    Thanks for the info, Cinquefoil! I'm investigating alternative loan options at this point. Do you know of any that your classmates use and are happy w/ thus far? A lot of them seem similar; I'm having a hard time differentiating which I should apply for.
  2. by   embracechange
    Hi jaimiefitz -

    I noticed that you were accepted last year into OHSU and into Hopkins.. I've been accepted into Hopkins and am still waiting to hear back from OHSU. If I do get into OHSU, is it worth moving across the country from beautiful Portland, OR to go to Hopkins in Baltimore?

    What did you decide on and how is nursing school panning out for you? Any regrets/advice?

  3. by   pnlu007
    Question to you guys who are about to graduate...I am prolly starting Linfield ABSN this June (still waiting for OHSU)...but was wondering...

    For those in OHSU ABSN graduating this year...I've done some research and see some hospitals around the country are ramping up there New Grad RN residency programs this year...however deadlines are around this time with starts in August...Are you guys finding that you are not applying to any programs then? And waiting to next year? What are your plans for this? It seems important because the bigger time hospitals appear to be doing residency programs for new grads to be hired, but if they are only having one start a year...then those graduating in august appear to be screwed...i suppose if the economy picks up even more, they can have more starts, but as of now it looks like august...what are you soon to be grads doing about this? Is the school giving any advice?