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  1. Hi, I'm dying to move away from where I'm at now and Oregon has always been a place I've wanted to live. But looking around it seems that all the colleges and universities have waiting lists and lotteries to get into their nursing programs. Where I'm at now I can get into the program pretty much based on grades alone. So my question is, are there any nursing programs in Oregon that don't have waiting lists? I know it's a long shot but I thought I would ask. Thanks for the help.

    PS. Thought I would clarify I would prefer an RN program, either associates or BSN. I'm not averse to an LPN program but the RN is my goal.
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  3. by   PDXnursing
    ooooh, my, are the Oregon RN programs competitive! The only program that I know of that doesn't have a waiting list is ITT Tech's newer RN program, but it seems kinda sketchy to me. It's ridiculously expensive, plus it's program is somewhat untested since there hasn't been a graduating class yet. Oregon, Portland especially, is flooded with new graduates and hopeful RN students, so it is not only hard to be accepted into a program, but from what I hear it is difficult to find a position as a new grad. This will be my second year applying to nursing schools. Last year I applied to 4 schools and didn't even get an interview...and I have a 4.0. Good luck, it's not easy but it's not impossible!
  4. by   JROregon
    Linn Benton Community College does not have a waiting list. Grades in core courses, plus six short essay questions are the only things they look at. You need to live in the area (Linn or Benton counties) for at least 90 days before the application is turned in in order to increase your chances. LBCC is located in Albany, Oregon which is about 70 miles south of Portland. LBCC: Admission Forms Click on nursing application (pdf format)
    Oh, and you need a CNA certification in Oregon, CPR.... you get the idea.
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  5. by   barleynhopsBSN
    Admission to RN schools in Oregon is very competitive and based on grades and other criteria not waiting lists.
    Check out the OCNE community colleges which all have similar admission requirements. Also, any of the BSN programs such as:
    George Fox
    Univeristy of Portland
    Wala Wala
  6. by   The_Hutch
    Thanks for all the help everyone. I've been looking at a few places and I guess I mixed up Oregon with another when it came to waiting lists. Though from PDXnursing's reply it looks like getting into schools up there can be very very tough.
  7. by   bonnie_d
    I just got into George Fox in Newberg. To date (it's been a few weeks) I have not heard of but two classmates who didn't make it into the program. I think there were probably half a dozen who didn't make it in (and there are 40 spaces, as far as I'm aware). I know lots of people got Bs and some got Cs in their prereqs.

    It seems to me like nearly everyone who tried made it in! I think they generally take 10 transfer students, but I don't know if that's how it was this year.

    I love Oregon and want to live in Eugene but I don't know if I'll settle here permanently. I'd be glad to go just about anywhere on the east coast (where I grew up) for a job.

    Here in Newberg, we're close to Portland, which is probably overrun with graduates from programs up here, and in Eugene, the other big city (which I love!) has a community college nursing program which is hard to get into, and turns out around 80 graduates a year. So probably not a great place to new graduates to find work, but it seems like a fine place to study.

    Last I checked, btw, the community college had a higher NCLEX pass rate over the years they've been a program than GFU's average! It does seem harder academically to get into, though so maybe they're more selective.
  8. by   Aanntastic
    Not difficult to find a job as a new grad. At least 10 or more offers to every new grad..if you post a good resume and apply to positions.