Hemodialysis jobs in Northern Oregon?

  1. Hi everyone, I'm REALLY interested in hemodialysis. I live in Hood River but the Portland commute is something I do anyway. Any of you guys do HD or might know of a job out there? I'll need training but I've been in ER and Tele for a few years so I'm not exactly a newbie. Thanks -Lance
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  3. by   katgal
    Hello -
    Not sure if you would be interested but there is a huge need for HD nurses in Astoria (mouth of the Columbia River). I am in nursing school now but I have worked in the dialysis clinic for the past 4 1/2 years. It may be too far for you but thought I would mention it.

  4. by   timshel

    I think I'm now following in your footsteps. I work at the dialysis center and taking the prereqs for nursing up at Harvard on the Hill. Any advice? Haha, was David there when you were working there? Was it hard to juggle 12 hour shifts and NS hw?
  5. by   lilwbprincess
    I have a friend from nursing school who is a hemodialysis RN. She has worked for both DSI and Fresenius. Not sure of the Fresenius website, but DSI's is: DSI Renal, Inc. Home

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