Confused Nurse!!!!!!

  1. hi folks, im a nurse from the philippines who wish to work here..anyone here who can give me info regarding which hospital is better especially the weather here..pls let me know...thanks in advance
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  3. by   suzanne4
    Your concern should not be which hospital is better but who will petition for international nurses. Not all of them do, and in fact, very few do in Oregon.
  4. by   svetas
    Hi! I'am in the same situation!!! I'am a nurse from Israel... looking for job in Portland already for 3 months... nobody wants to deal with foreign nurses... I passed about 12 interviews --- sometimes NO ANY ANSWER at all!!!

    It is frustrating...

  5. by   nedrager
    Try Mid-Columbia Medical Center in The Dalles. It's a great place to work.

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