OR Brain?


I'm a brand new grad and will am in a GN specialty program. Does any one have an OR Nurse Brain? I just want to start off getting into good habits and make sure I'm being thorough. Thanks.

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You mean like for a report sheet? I never used such a thing. However, there are some things in surgery that will be your best friend- preference cards. These have all of the information you should need for each surgery, including meds, prepping, positioning, instruments, disposable supplies.

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The best OR brain is having basic nursing skills to fall back on. What I mean by this is knowing how to prioritise your care and what to do in an emergency. Too often I,have seen OR staff running around when there is an emergency because they do,not have experience not only in the OR but as a nurse. Going straight to the OR from school is rough. You do not have basic skills yet, and there is nothing wrong with that just getting out of school. I would not recommend new nurse to go into any specialty until they have 2-3 years of experience. One reason is if you do not like it you have lost the very basics you learned in school. I hope you do well in the OR because I love the work since there is nothing else in nursing like it.


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The OR is different than floor nursing. Its specialty that is so different that being a new grad, you may have difficulty adjusting. There are many different personalities in the OR and you will have to learn how to work with them. As a new grad figure out if you like the OR and if you don't be honest with yourself and don't be afraid to leave if its not for you. That being said I love the OR and hope you love it too. Always think about patient safety and always use a safety strap no matter what surgeons may say to you. Also make a list of important things to ask the patient before they come back to the OR.