Opioid Related Respiratory depression

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Iam trying to look for answers on the specific nursing interventions in opioid related respiratory depression. what are the nurses' role?

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hm thinking off top of my head, freq assessment on vitals esp resp function & make sure u have emergency equipment nearby

I did not have anything in mind. This is an assignment in school, i was only thinking of monitoring vital signs.

So having the ventilation equipment nearby, shouldn't the patient be on ventilation already.

help me com up with the roles of the Nurse.

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Administer medications (e.g., Narcan) as ordered by MD; assess effects of medication. Educate patient and/or patient's family about medication.

not necessarily, but you would have to access the need for ventilation if inadequate... but you would always like to have resuscitation equipement nearby. want to make sure they have adequate oxygenation per o2 sats n vitals, maybe hob up,

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Monitoring is useless without action. You must act on your assessment findings. Start with your ABCs which is exactly what is going to be compromised in opiod oversedation. Narcan is a direct antagonist for opiods. You must know everything about this drug, it is a true life saver.

Thanks for bringing up the medicine Narcan, here they use the name Naloxene.

If the patient is having PAC (patient controlled analgesia) should the infusion be stopped?

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Right on. Give Narcan/Naloxene and stop the PCA.

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