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hello everyone, you guys may already know that my gpa is a 3.46. I just calculated that if i get a 4.0 this semester i will apply with a 3.69 is that competitive enough for a nursing program

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please respond


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I don't live in NY, but you could call the schools you are interested in and ask about their requirements.


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thanks for the advice but im going to erase NY colleges and say A program

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It completely depends on the program you are trying to get in to.


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thanks for the support really appreciate it

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Sure a 3.69 is "competitive", but it all depends on your program. The program I am interested in says 3.0 minimum and we all know the majority of those selected will be in the 3.7 and up range. Check out the schools you are interested in. Their websites will give you more information.

In short, absolutely you can get into A nursing program with a 3.69 but it depends what program.... Harvard? Probably not. Your local community college, maybe so.


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haha YEAH NOt harvard just a local cc or state school

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A 3.69 GPA is good! I don’t see you having any problems getting into a program. I was nervous as to whether or not I would get in with a 3.8 only to find out that one person in our cohort got in with like a 2.95. After discussing everyone’s GPA, most were between the 3.2 and 3.4 mark. I am in the Accelerated BSN program where about 300 people applied to 14 spots. However, I do attend a private school that is rather expensive. The minimum GPA for our program is a 2.75 if that gives you an idea. Most schools publish the average GPA and test scores to give those applying an idea as to whether or not they have a good chance of getting in.

Just apply, you will be fine.


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thanks alot i will

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gpa is not the only thing schools look at. find out the requirement from the school you are applying into. my school looked at gpa, volunteer work, pre-admission test results. then they decide who will get in. :)

p.s: you will be fine :) pick up the phone and start calling the schools and stop stressing out because that will get you nowhere.

happy new year!!!! :smiley_aa