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Hi all,

I'm curious to hear everyone's opinion about Midwest Regional Medical Center, good or bad. I'm looking at their scholarship program and while it's a lot of money, I have heard some negative things about them. Right now I just don't know what to do. Are there any nurses out there who are currently employed there? How are the working conditions?



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I used to work for this facility. Couldn't wait to get out...what a mess !!!! Absolutely NO support from management to HR (Personally felt that HR was the worst). Just remember this...the scholarship money may look great now, but, if the working conditions are still as miserable as they used to be, are you willing or able to pay back the money in one lump sum? Are you willing to sign a contract for 1-2 years for the scholarship money and find the conditions are not what you want?

Please look at other facilities...


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Thank you for your insight! That's what I was afraid of.

I appreciate it.


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I did my senior leadership clinical at MWC Regional and I wouldn't recommend working there to anyone!

I "worked" there for 40 hours a week for 12 weeks in the CCU, ICU, and the telelmetry floor and I saw nurses screaming at each other, screaming at the CNAs, etc. By the time I was done there at least I knew that was one place I didn't want to work at! LOL!

I did do some work in the ER there and I actually did like that a lot.

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Gotta agree with a previous poster, don't fall in a trap because they wave a few bucks in front of you. Those are usually the places that have retention problems...for a reason. Use your clinical time to evaluate different hospitals around and get a feel for the environment.


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I am in nursing school in MWC and while I have never worked for MWC Regional, I have only heard negative things about that place from other students who have worked there. I know it is tempting to work for a place that will help pay for school but like the previous poster said, do you really want to be trapped? I am working my tail off in nursing school and once I graduate I do not want to be tied down to a certain place.


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I am currently looking for a job and they called me the same day. They wanted me to come in at 830 so they could hire me the same day. That scared me. I have unfortunately taken some jobs that hire you on the spot. There is always something wrong. My husband has been unemployed for a long time. He just got a job. The pressure to bring in the money has been intense but I can't risk losing my license!


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Thanks to everyone for your help. My husband and I have decided that the money isn't worth 1-2 years of horrible conditions.

I appreciate your honesty.

: )

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