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Hi all! I'm a nursing student in an ADN program getting ready to graduate in May. I know I want to continue my education and get my BSN and eventually an MSN. What I'm not sure about is where to start with continuing my education. There are a couple of universities in the area, but not very close to where I live (one is an hour away, the other 2 hours). Both do have online ADN-BSN programs, however. I know that there are a lot of online programs out there but I don't know how good any of them are and I'm not sure how to check them out. Any opinions of online programs? Would you recommend I try the local schools rather than online? Any information on how to compare programs? Thanks for any and all input!


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get the information about the programs

who is teaching at the universities in your areas?

who is facilitating the online programs?

what kind of contact would you have if you took the online programs?

what kind of clinical experience will you have - either program?


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You might check out the Distance Learning/ Independent Study Forum within the Nursing Student Forums. I've read some good stuff there. Good luck! I, too, am getting ready to start an online program this fall ... somewhere. :)


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I am also getting my AD from a community college. Both community colleges by me offer a BSN program through them run by another university. Also, some of the hopsitals have classes on site, and if you get a job they will help pay for your schooling. That is my plan. Work for a year or so then have them pay for part of my tuition to get my BSN. I think the online programs are pretty pricey.

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