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Hey Everyone,

Anyone ever worked for the Methodist Hospital or Christus Santa Rosa Hospital in San Antonio Area? I was looking at these 2 hospitals. They seem to have a good RN residency program for new nurses. I want to get into these programs. Just wanted to hear some opinions on these 2 hospitals.

Thank you.


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I worked for a Methodist Hospital as a traveler when I my family and I first moved to San Antonio in the fall of 2008. BAD EXPIERENCE...Started with a private cardiac hospital last fall 2010 that had a a very different feel. While it is challenging and the physicians have high expectations of the RN's. We were unfortunately purchased by Methodist in January 2010 and in 6 months we have lost many solid experienced RN's. Change can be tough and uncomfortable no doubt. I have been a nurse for 8 years so i have weathered change. The increasing patient to nurse ratio,diminishing auxiliary staff has made for very stressful working conditions. We are are strong nursing group but feel very beat down and forced to "conform". I refuse to be a sheep in the herd . Their focus is anything but patient care. While I agree profiting is essential for a business it should not be at the expense of dedicated staff and their patients. You end up with burned out staff,poor patient satisfaction and unfortunately poor patient outcomes. I am seeking to work for a hospital who practices what the preach.

I don't have any information on Christus Santa Rosa but it is one I am targeting for new employment. I wish you well and your search. Nursing can be highly exhausting but in turn highly rewarding.


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As a note we were purchased 1/1/2011 not in 2010.

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CHRISTUS Santa Rosa is part of CHRISTUS Health. A very large Catholic system with hospitals is Texas, Louisiana, Arkansas & Monterrey, Mexico (srsly - first JCAH accredited hospital in Mexico).

Santa Rosa was the first hospital in San Antonio. Currently, they have a big campus downtown (main hospital and Children's hospital), the medical center, far west San Antonio & one in New Braunfels... currently building another site in Alamo Heights section of town. Good benefits, including first-day health coverage, tuition reimbursement & pension. Primarily RN staff except for outpatient clinics. Very high Press-Ganey scores. Nurse turnover is on the low side at most campuses.


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Hello Iv203198! just like u couple of years ago, im currently looking into applying in methodist and christus. i just moved to san antonio last week, from Laredo. May i know which hospital did u choose and how it went? im applying under Medical ICU. I would wanna choose to work in a less stressful unit with great staff and teamwork plus good staffing of 1:2 for ICU department. Hope u could share with me some insights about the hospital u chose to work. Thank u!