Your recommendations for good shoes in the OR?

  1. I was wondering was people's recommendations would be for shoes to look at to wear in the OR?
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  3. by   CIRQL8
    try on shoes until you find a pair that suits you.

    I hate those OR clogs. Many people seem to love them.

    Try a good cross trainer.
  4. by   juddergirl
    hi where i work we now have access to trainers instead of clogs, which are not that safe to wear as there is no support for ankles. as i sprained mine several times in them. but for those at my place of work clogs are still available in all sorts of groovy colours!
  5. by   suzanne4
    Super Birkie clogs, you can change out the inner soles when you wear them out and they come in any colors. I think that I even have every color........
    extremely comfortable, even when going for a long walk, I actually used them when I used to work out with a trainer, much better for leg presses than wearing gym shoes.

  6. by   DNRme
    Another vote for Super Birkies. I change the inserts about 3x a year and my last pair lasted for 3 years. You can also put them in the washer/sterilizer if they get really gross.