Wanna ask for a promotion in the OR, but dont know what to ?

  1. Basically I love the hospital I work at and would "prefer" to stay there. I am technically an ANM/Coordinator, and got a job offer elsewhere as OR manager. We are entrenched at the position so im thinking about asking them to come up with a new position for me, but I dont know what ? Basically im trying to get more responsibilities than an ANM but the role of Nurse Manager is taken.

    Any suggestions or ideas for what other specialties/options I have available? Im interested in climbing the ranks so I want to learn as many skills/knowledge as I can and think im valuable enough to my organization that they would listen if I suggested something.

    Weird question i know, but im all about that growth !
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  3. by   Rose_Queen
    I can't think of any, unless your facility doesn't currently have OR dedicated educators. However, asking to have a position created is no small feat- not only does it have to be approved by the director of the department, but also HR, the bean counters, and so many other things, but typically FTEs elsewhere in the department would have to be sacrificed. If you were to wait for the off-chance that a position could be created, you'd likely have the offered position slip right through your fingertips and still potentially have them say no to creating a new position.
  4. by   RobtheORNurse
    Don't be afraid to go elsewhere for career advancement. Many hospitals have very low advancement potential because when a person gets into a management position, they tend to stay put for awhile. I had the same issue where I worked, Everyone was the same age and went to nursing school together so unless someone retired or died, there was no chance to move up. I left the OR for the industry side and love it. I miss patient care but not the hospital politics, call and holiday work. Look around and see what is out there that you may like. Medical device companies LOVE operating room nurses because of our expertise in multiple areas and the pay an benefits are far more than any hospital offer.